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User Reviews

Posted by Ralph

First called Sarasota Fla. to get rates on a box I wanted to ship.

Called for two days never answered the phone. than called denton Tx.greyhound were I wanted the box to be shipped, all I got was a busy signal. Haven't heard a busy signal for 30 years. Than called the for customer service was on hold for more then 10 minutes. Hungup. Do they really want to stay in business ??????????

Posted by 777MISF

I took 2 Greyhound trips in 2 weeks (I know I'm brave I had too much baggage for airline rates). On the first leg the first driver was late and the connecting bus was so late and I ended up losing 50% on a car rental reservation.

Second trip started out late and every connecting bus was subsequently late. They put my luggage on the wrong bus. The kicker was on the last leg (Houston to SF) the contracted bus broke down along the Angeles National forest and the driver said to call someone to pick you up or wait 4 hours for a replacement).

The fact that Greyhound does not allow refunds based on customer satisfaction and missed connections is a joke.

Posted by kokobaby

Worst customer service ever!!!! They never answer the phone,when they did after 34 min. I was told to call back! I have called 7 times & no one will answer. Pushing 7 when the recording begins does not work, it says invalid response. I have never ridden on a bus before & will dam sure never ride on one again! These people are probably all ex prison inmates running this company because they don't know how to treat people, don't have any customer service skills, are rude & most are pretty dam stupid!!! You suck Greyhound!!!

Posted by Concerned Mother

My son is traving on a greyhound bus to Memphis TN. The bus he is presently on has been stranded for over 24 hours. The people on the bus have been given several excuses as to why they haven't received any assistance in the matter. My son is a college student and suppose to be in class this am. What bothers me is the fact when I call Greyhound Coporate Office the totally dismissed my concerns, and gave me another number to call and I was told the only deal with the complaint after the travel was over. This is unacceptable to me as a consumer. I will be contacting the BBB. A word of advice I would find other means of travel before using Greyhound.

Posted by Yolanda

Took my 85 year old father down to office in Norfolk, Va. Quite a few low income passangers and a diverse group from differnt countries. Before departure, a security guard instructed everyone he would personally be rummaging through every carry on bag. He had a rude tough guy attitude, and a gun.. So, most humored him and let him do his thing. I wonder why, Greyhound doesn't have az x-ray machine... But, what really upset me, was the poor young man behind us. He was an immigrant from Africa and did not speak English. He looked at the guard with terror and tried to make him understand he could not speak English. He guard said.. "What do you mean, you don't understand? I just stood up here and explained it, what are you, STUDPID~! Then..I (a privledge white lady_) said.. Hey, he just told you he doesn't speak English. The gaurd said, Oh well, I sure don't speak his language. I told him to have respect. The young man was terrified. He was timid and afraid. I realize you might not care, but have to tell you and everyone else I can about this. Shame, Shame Shame, Greyhound. If you are going to allow someone to have a loaded gun, train him to respect your customers.
Regards, Yolanda

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With a 90-percent on-time departure rate, a dedication to providing stellar customer service and being one of the safest intercity bus companies in the United States, customers are assured they can sit back, relax and leave the driving to Greyhound.

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