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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

One hour and still waiting along with dozens upon dozens of others for a car I had a reservation for at the Atlanta airport. Unacceptable.

Posted by Anonymous

Our car has a smell of marijuana....getting worse as the car heats up in the sun. We went through the entire car and found nothing.
I am certain the smoke is in the seats.

Posted by Anonymous

We reserved a car with Hertz in Panama City, FL. The reservation was paid for! When went to get our car the rental agent laughed and said he was dreading our arrival because he gave our car away and had no other cars left to rent. We were forced to get a car from Thrifty, a much smaller car and it cost us an extra $80.

Posted by Anonymous

Outrageously bad service. Flew from San diego to San Jose. One hour. Standing in hertz line to get served 1 hour 5 minutes.

Posted by Anonymous

To the wonderful people at Hertz, This is my second letter,

I am about to tell you a story of a car rental from Fort Lauderdale that will even get you upset. In February the wife and went on a cruise, upon returning I had a Hertz Impala reserved for three weeks. We were instructed to do was wait for the Hertz van when we get in to Fort Lauderdale pier and we will be picked up and delivered to the office. After two and one half hours and six phone calls to the office that we were hung up on, I finally reach a very nasty man, who screamed that he is on the way and hung up, number seven. Finally we were taken to the office on top of a parking garage in Fort Lauderdale. After waiting in line for over one hour I was asked what are you here for? I then told them I was to pick a car they laughed and said you must go down to the first floor first and sign in. Why wasn't I told this instead of standing around.

At this point I have to tell you I am a disabled Vet with some pretty bad legs, I have to walk with a cane and standing is the worst thing I can do, also ramps, hills are almost impossible for me. ( parking ramps are not level )

After returning to the top floor I was given a 2013 Chevrolet Impala to drive, upon looking the car over I noticed a lot of dents and scrapes that I wanted noted, I asked one of the attendants if he would please write them up as I didn't want to be charged for them. He said not to worry they are not bad enough to worry about as he walked away. I then chased down a man in street clothes and asked if he worked there and would he write up the dings and scratches. He said he would be back in a moment and much to our surprise he returned and wrote up the damage.

Now we are finally on our way, after a few miles I noticed that all we had for fuel was less than a half tank. So I filled up the tank and proceeded to Orlando there was no way I was going back to the parking garage. I then entered the Florida turnpike, after reaching the speed limit the front end started to shake as if I had a tire out of balance. I pushed the car to seventy and It stopped shaking, now I have a wife screaming at me to slow down and I have a car shaking so I get off at the next exit for peace of mind. After exiting the turnpike I call Hertz and I am informed that they want to send out a tow truck for the car, I said send a replacement and the driver can take this back. I was then informed that they did not have another car to replace mine with as they were all out of cars. I then told them never mind I will drive this car and if anything happens it is your car and not mine. He said do what you have to do. Not one ounce of remorse about leaving us out to dry, no mention about finding another car or about helping us get to Orlando.

So off to Orlando using the back roads as we could not trust the safety of the tires Bye the way when we stopped and tried to exchange cars I took a look at the tires and have enclosed a picture of our tires with the wear bars showing. This decision to take back roads cost us time that we did not have.

Now as travel we smell Marijuana as the car warms up, at our next stop I looked under the seat and found, butts and much garbage. I do not know if the butts were legal or not but I threw them on the side of the road, as I really did not need any hassle from the police if I were to be pulled over. Funny thing we requested A non smoking car and were delivered a non smoking car ( ha )

Now down the highway we go using the cruise control which kept shutting down and a ding- ding would light up the dash, The dash warning light kept saying warning stabilizer. So we stopped again and I crawled under the car (remember I am a disabled Vet ) again to see how bad the stabilizer was and being a New York State vehicle inspector I felt that it was in the warning stages and if we proceeded with caution it would make it, On the road again it was not long before my wife started to complain that her seat belt would not loosen as she sat there every time she moved the belt got tighter. So one more time I stop and proceed to repair the seat belt lost another hour. When we finally reached Tampa Our final destination we were suppose to be there on Sunday as a result we made it on Monday. Spent the night along the way as we did not want to come into Tampa at night,\.I proceeded to Hertz to turn in the Rental. When we arrived I suggested that this car be taken out of service and asked to speak to the manager. I proceeded to tell the manager in Tampa all about our wonderful car and he then called Fort Lauderdale office and told him our horror story. The manager in Tampa said he could not do a thing as the Fort Lauderdale office was not directly connected to Hertz it was a sub contractor. After taking the phone from the Tampa manager I talked to the manager in Fort Lauderdale and he said all he could do was take off fifty dollars. I then asked if that was the best he could do and I was informed that this was the best he could do.

Well guess what not good enough, I am a business man and would never treat a customer of mine this way, I must be delusional as I felt that Hertz was the flag ship in the rental business. I feel safety and quality are what I was paying for, I would of been better off with a Rent A Wreck..

If I do not hear from you in a reasonable time I plan on taking this farther, please don't let this happen

Keith E. Murray

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