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    • Just press 0 when recording begins if a live person doesn't pick up immediately
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    • 24/7
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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I'm not happy with the quality of Netflix. There is always "ERROR" on what I wish to view. Selection is really poor. Even some pass movies ( old) are NOT listed to watch.

Posted by Anonymous

Good evening! I don't have a question, nor do I have a problem it's more of a dilemma.First allow me to say I love your services and have been a member for more than 3 years. The movie selection is fantastic. My issues are with the movies that are in the unknown list and never come out. I get VERY excited when a movie that I haven't seen in 20 years is actually on your list but I never receive it. Please let me know if I will ever get them and if not I ask as a consideration to all of us old movie buffs to remove them from your selection so our (MY) hopes don't get up, and then crushed. Thank you for your time Kathryn

Posted by Anonymous

A great feature would be if users could suggest tags for shows and/or suggest changes to tags. Sometimes foreign movies aren't tagged as foreign. Sometimes movies have the wrong tags. I wouldn't want people to be able to just change them... cause then people would think it was fun to just change a bunch of tags incorrectly. But if we could suggest tag edits, it would make searching and finding movies a whole lot easier.

Posted by Anonymous

I want more teen wolf n more seasons for all the tv shows ive been waiting for season 9 for supernatural for two years? Do something

Posted by przzuscomoditty

Love netflix. I don't care that they raised their price$1,it is worth it. Keep" Longmire" great show!!keep" walking dead"my favorite!
Thank you for such great service. Only suggestion, and I don't know if this is netflix or my internet, but clearer pic would be great.
I am inclined to think it's my internet.
Thank you!

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NetFlix customer service news

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... and Time Warner Cable. Consumers also have reason to be concerned: Last year the two companies were the lowest-scoring cable companies in the American Customer Satisfaction Index, mainly because of the weakness of their customer service.

Netflix Scam Puts Users' Credit Cards, Personal Information At Risk

Con artists claiming they work for Netflix created a fake website to try to get credit card and other private information from unsuspecting victims, according to the Better Business Bureau. "It combines a phishing scam with a tech support scam," Jerome ...

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The victim then gets a notice which informs him that Netflix has temporarily suspended his account and he can call a tech support if he wants assistance. Once he calls that number, a scammer posing as worker of Netflix promises to solve the problem and ...

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