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    • I think it is 24/7. I called at 6:30pm PT on a Sunday and someone picked right up.
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    • This number works for order information, return information, product advice and Cabela's CLUB Visa.

      TDD - 800-695-5000

User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I have had an unpleasant experience with Cabellas .. I ordered a knife and received another item . So I returned the item and called to let them know to please send the knife and they said it would be here by Thursday. I then received an email telling me the knife was on back order.. So I called only to find out the item was showing in stock .. The lady assured me she would get it straight and send it out within 2 days.. It's been well over a week and I have no knife and no communication on their end. So I just called to see what the deal is and they were very clueless and matter of fact. I told them how lacking their service us only to get a caddy "that's understandable" really??? Unbelievable .. Never again!!

Posted by cosue

I placed an order on line and did not receive an email receipt or acknowledgment of my order. Thinking I had messed the order up myself I re-ordered the same item.

It appears my first order did go through. I received 2 identical items. When I contacted customer service about the mistake I was told
"You checked the "gift" box and so we wont send any email correspondence if the item is a gift."
How absurd is that?

I still want to know my order has been received and I still want a receipt!

Honestly - I dont think this girl was being truthful. I think Cabella's messed up and won't take responsibility. Thats too bad - I refuse to order from a company that wont honor their customers. Certainly I wont order from a company that does not send receipts and acknowledgments to the purchaser no matter where the item is shipped to!

Posted by Anonymous

Ok, so this is very interesting. Last Feb. I wrote this...

I placed a large order over Christmas using the rewards card. This included a 10x points bonus for the purchase. Sounds pretty good.... or so I thought... So I entered the code at checkout and kept looking for my bonus points to get added to my balance. Three weeks went by and no bonus, so I called customer service and was told that "the coupon code didn't get activated at check-out, give her two weeks and she will set it straight" Ok two weeks later.... she made it better but not by 10x only by 4x points. Called again and now the rep says "they never offered a 10x coupon for rewards and that they won't honor any change"!!! What?? So she is saying not only am I a liar but the other rep who admitted to the 10x coupon is also a liar. I don't lie and this infuriates me. I have to say I have never had a problem with Cabelas before this but DONT CALL ME A LIAR!!
Anyone else ever have a problem with the rewards card being honored??

I don't know if Cabelas reads this or not but about a week ago, straight out of the blue, I got credited for the full 10x points from last Dec.!! Maybe, they finally sorted it out or maybe they know christmas is right around the corner and I haven't ordered anything from them since this happened. Either way just wanted to let everyone know.

Posted by RJP handyman

I placed an order online and I have been getting a phone call everyday for two weeks saying my order is on the way to the store. I wish they would stop calling me until the order is in!

Posted by Anonymous

yesterday, 9/18/11, i traveled 100 miles to the glendale store with the intentions of purchasing one of the storm-damaged pontoon boats-- the one without the motor as i have a 90 hp mercury. another customer and i stood around the show room for 15 or 20 minutes while the salesman was bsing with 2 other people. I heard them laughing about trying to drink beer in 12 foot waves. i went to the customer service and borrowed a pen and paper and went outside and wrote the full description of the boat and assesories and went back in and asked the salesman if there was someone to help me. he replied"im helping these 2 gentlemen buy a boat". these 2 gents were no more buying a boat than i was buying an airplane. I went to my car and as i was leaving i saw these 2 gents leaving with their wives who had shopping bags. i have always been impressed with the help at your store as far back as 1988 when i was in laramie,wyo and i traveled to the sidney, nebr store ---also in the rapid city, s.d. store and numerous times here in az. the thing is ill remember how i was treated the last time i was at cabelas.
keith campbell card#4300230022333407 member since2000.

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Cabela's customer service news

Sidney Cabela's named store of the year

For the first time in the company's history, the Sidney staff has earned the Store of the Year Award, which recognizes a Cabela's location for its high customer service ratings, sales, store traffic and other hard metric performances. Posted: Saturday ...

Cabela's opens first SC store to droves of shoppers

"We took a very patient approach," he said. "As our comfort level grew, we started to (add more stores)… We have a culture of customer service… We could add three times the number of stores we're adding… But what good is it (to grow) if you lose ...

Cabela's Presents Browning With Strategic Partnership Award

Morgan, UT – Industry giant Cabela's has announced its 2013 Strategic Partnership Award winners and Browning is proud to be among the recipients. Winners were chosen based on several specific measures directly influencing sales, customer service ...

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