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Posted by Anonymous

The commercial you have with the kids talking about free layaway is a very bad example of how kids should talk...Please revise it or take it off
....not racist but that language is improper actually looks like the kids are degrading themselves down by that talk...

Posted by Anonymous

As an educator I am offended by your advertisement showing kids using ghetto talk AGAIN, as it is the same one you used last year. And as I did last year, I will not shop at Kmart just as I did last year during back to school time and all the holidays.

Posted by paula

My daughter just came home very upset from her experience at the chillicothe Ohio Kmart. She put in a layaway and the amount of some of her clothing was not right. After they pretty much called her a liar, she went and took a picture of the price and brought it back to them. They were very hateful to her so she asked for her money back! She then proceeded up front to return some shoes and was treated very disrespectfully there also. I do not appreciate people that are supposed to help you did nothing but humiliate her. She is a good christian woman and would never cheat anyone. Our family, which is large, will no longer shop in this store again. Thank you Paula Cooper. My email address is

Posted by Cindy

They are the worst kmart I have ever been too. So unorganized they look like they are chickens with there heads cut off. None of them know were anything is ,so don't ever ask for help. None of you sell item show up on sell when you go up the check out. So it takes you forever in check out . Because they have tO call management . And let me tell you if you have over 10 items on sell , OMG it takes for ever.... The store is a mess they keep changing everything the floors are torn up . Bath room will not even go in. Everything is so close together you can't move... There are way to many chiefs and no Indians .. You can have that many bosses everyone's heads get to big... You have had people there for years and years . And they never move up.. But you hire someone and in a week they are above the ones that have been there for ever. Everyone in bishop knows this and why The management in the bishop calif store has always be against Americans , it looks bad when this happens and it does all the time... Most everyone I know will not even step foot in Kmart I did stop for a long time .. But when I knew it has new manga men I said ok will give it a try again.. Nope will not it is worst then ever... And it is is hot in there you can't stay long sweat starts to come... I have had a lot of problems in this store...

Posted by Anonymous

I am currently in line at your route 83 elmhurst il store. It is 5pm and there is one register open. People are actually leaving there carts and walking out of the store. The wait is unreasonable. I have been shopping here my entire life and it is sad to see this decline in service. There is plenty of staff but no one working.

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Kmart customer service news

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Controversy Erupts Over Kmart's Joe Boxer Christmas Commercial (VIDEO)

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Woman Forgets Purse in Kmart Shopping Cart, Returns to Find it Stolen

customer service told her a purse had not been turned in, according to the report. The purse contained $100 cash, a Fifth Third debit card, a social security card, state identification card, a Target credit card, Dress Barn credit card, a government ...

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