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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I was just in the toms river NJ. Store getting easter gifts for my son and picked up a Lego wrestler set that was snickered 12.99 it was not ringing up correctly so the Associate called someone for a price check and they said it was on sale for 17.99. The associate rang it again and said that he had to ask a manager because it was not ringing on sale. They said no it was 29.99. After 40 minutes of shopping and 20 minutes of them trying to get a correct price no one would honor any price even though I said I would expect 17.99 because I understand that people do ticket swaps sometimes. What ever happened to honoring prices and customer service. I feel every time I am in this store there is always some kind of problem that I am always tolerable about whether it's long lines or poor service. In the end I left everything behind and purchased nothing. Instead of about a $70 sale this store did not get anything and I refuse to continue shopping there. There are to many other places to shop instead of dealing with horrible service every time.

Posted by Anonymous

Today I had a very pleasant experience with Melvin in the Palm Bay, FL store. Melvin was friendly and cheerful, telling me it was going to get stormy. He said he would put my cart in the cart corral so that I could get home before the rain started. Melvin is a definite asset to your store. Not too many people go out of their way to be so helpful, so he is an impressive employee.

Posted by Anonymous

04/12/14 at 3 pm I entered the store with my friend and our daughters. During the shopping I had a headache and decided to take a Advil from MY bag, at 3:47 pm we paid at the register. Walking out I get attacked by a man dressed regular asking me what did I take from the store. Without asking me he grabbed my purse from my caradge. I had no idea who he was he didn't have security guard clothing. He checked my bag and of course found nothing. Our daughters are crying scared not knowing what's going on. And he still continued to question me loudly like I'm a theif. I spend $158.62 in your store I am blessed to provide for my family I was not raised nor am I raising my kids to steal. I was embarrassed in front of others, my kids were friten and the rude man in which you hired didn't have the nerve to apologize after he found nothing in my bag. I will file a law suit as well as contact the news. My kids and I didn't deserve to be mistreated.

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to compliment Kayla who works at the Watson Glen store in Franklin, TN (3703). I am not proud to say that I gave her a very hard time about why some of my coupons wouldn't scan. She had the manager try and the same thing happened to her. In the meantime a very long line developed in back of me, but I continued to argue and even made her re-total the same order twice. Even though this was very stressful for her and not her fault, she remained very professional and polite.and treated me kindly. The store is closing but I hope you have a place for her at another location. She is an excellent employee and an asset to K-marts.

Posted by Anonymous

AI was just at kmart store number4987 and could not get no help for ovet an hour amd then i wanted to speak to the manager and he wouldnt let me talk and then says to me well im busy what do u want they need real people not a manager that has an attitude

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