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Posted by Anonymous

Today is the first day of the 10 dollar jean sale why did i go to two of your stores to find they didnt have them was told to go online for them also no frozen tee shirts and no hello kitty stuff also was told go online and get them

Posted by trakker97_2014

August 15, 2014 - Location (Kearny,NJ) - Today I went to shop to this disgraceful place. I don't know what possess me to go here but I digress. As I was going out of the store around 6 pm when I was stopped by the security officer which profiled me for being Spanish since he did not search the bag of the previous woman who was black and the one after me who was white. I realize he was just "doing " his job but did he failed so miserably in doing so because he singled me out for no reason at all. I told him - "what, do I look like a thief to you?" and he simply replied - "I am just doing my job" which I quickly replied - "No! You are not because you did not searched everyone" Then he just turned around and did not say anything else which was the only smart thing he did at that moment. So be careful when you go there you might not be welcomed if you don't have the right profile. Sincerely, nevertoreturnshopper....

Posted by Anonymous

Kmart has the absolute worst customer service ever. I recently ordered an item online. Two days after ordering this item, someone else contacted me and said that they had already purchased the item for me. Within minutes I contacted Kmart and cancelled the order and was told that my money would be refunded in 72 hours. It was not. As of today, it has been 3 weeks and I have yet to receive my small refund. I have spoken to 8 employers, including supervisors and the all tell me the same thing 3-5 business days. They all have lied. Now mind you this is a small amount of money, less than $20 and I can't even get that back. Is Kmart that bad off? I have never been so disgusted in my life. I am a single mom with three kids who online shops to save gas. They have made no accommodations for me and basically said I will get my money back sometime this year, but no one not even corporate headquarters knows when. Also one of their supervisors said there was no way to contact corporate headquarters, because they didn't have one.
I know times have changed but enough is enough. Hard working people shouldn't have to deal with this. I am filing a report with the BBB and I don't know what my come of it but I think these type issues should be addressed. Never purchase anything online from Kmart, nobody knows anything about returns.

Posted by Anonymous

What in the world are you doing to our Pleasantville N.J.08232 K Mart ? You are the only store in our town that close to a department store we need you and yet there is old stock or none very slim pickings not much updated from 1 shopping trip to the other you do have seasonal that's about it. We need good shopping around here not the leftovers from your warehouse that no one else want's you wonder about slow sales how can you get good sales when you have no good goods and lack in sales help. What help you have are nice people.

Posted by Mmrr143

The Somerville kmart is the worst the manager ray is lazy and don't do his job . Refused to come talk to me instead told his worker to deal with it . prices are all marked wrong and the employes at customer service are disrespectful . Everything is marked wrong I have photos to prove it . Someone needs to teach them how to treat customers I spend Atleast 150 a week in kmart and I will no longer kmart will not get my business I will be going to target. Thought id add in not only I go through this last year they lost my entire layway week before christmas and told me sorry here your money back so u can start all over . What type of business is this .

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