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Customer Service

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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press 1 for English
      Press 1 for customer support
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    • 24 hours Advanced technical support - 8-5 eastern time
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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I got a Blu-Ray player for Christmas. On March 21 it stopped playing Blu-ray movies. I called and they told me to update the firmware, which I did. Still didn't work. They told me to buy a Blu-ray lens cleaner, which I did. Well, since the player will not play blu-rays it will not read the cleaner. Still no help from them. Great disappointment in this company. Will tell everyone I know about this experience and urge them NOT to get an LG product.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible products - horrible customer service.
Brand new microwave out of the box - broken and required to take to their authorized dealer vs replacing - who never repaired it and said LG will not even send them parts. CS Manager promised a full reimbursement and retrieved the microwave back to corp from the repair location...when pushed for the reimbursment weeks later - CS stated I was sent a letter that needed to be filled out - when I had it sent to my email it was dated for that day stating I needed to purchase a new LG and affix the old microwave labels ----- that I don't even have. What a poorly run company with poor products.

Posted by Waaddup

My Optimus f3 will not charge or turn on . But when I take the battery out and put it back in and plug it in the green light comes on for a brief second. What's wrong is it broken ?

Posted by Jennifer

We bought a new fridge for over A$3000 and the foot was broken when we received it - it would not unscrew to enable the fridge to be levelled. LG have been absolutely appalling and we have had to fight and fight with them when it is their manufacturing issue.

I will NEVER buy an LG item ever again.

Posted by lg tv ultra slim

your lg service man is not clear the problem of tv

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