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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

They take several days to respond to an email question. Then they don't answer the question correctly. Took 3 email exchanges over 2 weeks to get to the answer to the simple question: will I have full digital access if I switch to Sunday only home delivery (from Mon-Sun).
Then...I call 800-NYTIMES and change to Sunday only. After a week, and no change to my delivery I call again - guess what, they have no record of my call and my change. This after I spoke to a customer service agent and made the change. Unbelievable incompetence.

Posted by Anonymous

We accepted a promotion for the New York Times after receiving the Wall Street Journal many years.
What a disaster. First, we were notified that the
subscription was received & would begin on Jan 24.
Jan 24 came and went - no paper. It is now Feb 18 -
still no paper. But we did receive an invoice.
If you even try to call one of their so called customer care numbers, you get an automated system that
asks you to choose from many services that have nothing at all to do with what you need.
Then, in frustration, you hit 0 many times and finally they tell you the wait time and start to play music. I waited for 30 minutes the other day and finally gave up. Today I cancelled my non-subscription. If a fine newspaper wants to continue to be a fine newspaper, I assume they need customers. If that is the case, I think they need to pay attention to their 'worst of the worst' subscription dept and online phone service.
PS - they said I should go online, but didn't offer me any way to sign up. Just put in your username and password (which I do not have). Therefore I can't use the tool they are supposedly offering.

Posted by JimCollierInCalifornia

The NY Times call center in Davenport, Iowa, which handles digital subscriptions and subscriptions to the crossword puzzles, is apparently pretty screwed up.

I spent 2 hours early this morning (2/13/2014) trying to straighten out their mess. In the end, my bank was able to reverse their latest charge which was incorrect.

I waited on the phone nearly a half hour before a human being at their call center took the call.

Posted by mommeryl

I really can't add to any of this. I've experienced it all.

Long wait time. Disconnected. Can't figure out my name WHEN I SPELLED IT. I've also been told THIS IS NOT THE PROPLER PHONE LINE FOR THIS AND I CAN NOT TRANSFER YOU.

This is NOT The New York Yimes I grew up with

Posted by buszidog

I have been going in circles with their incompetent "customer service" department for a few weeks now. They just reply with form emails, they don't sound like they even read my emails. I spoke to a supervisor, she couldn't straighten out my account and said another supervisor would call. She didn't. Their site is impossible to navigate, half of it doesn't function at all. I'd like to cancel all my subscriptions but I love the NYT. The Times is damaging their customer base with this bunch of clowns handling their service.

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