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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Keep pressing 0 until the recording transfers your call. Took me about 10 times!
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      8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

      9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

My review applies to Sams Club Online - I will never in my life use them again as this is the most disorganized and economically inefficient process I have ever used. I ordered a 4 piece office furniture set that was sent out in separate shipments; some by FedEx, others by MDX freight. Every piece that I received from FedEx was beyond damaged and way to heavy for the single driver to even deliver without dropping. Other pieces from MDX were also damaged. The problem arose with the return and replacement process. Because it is a "set", I had to return the entire set even though only one piece of the initial two were damaged beyond repair. I had to await the whole set and then return it all or reject it upon delivery. This happened three times as each time something was broken. Eventually I got 4 pieces that I was willing to live with so I finally gave up and took posession the set. Where is the economic sense in that?? Ship 4 large pieces of furniture with different delivery companies accross the county knowing that they will be rejected and returned upon arrival because only a certain piece is needed and as luck would have it, that piece again arrived damaged? To "ease my concern", Sams offered me a discount of 10% for my troubles and I put the issue behind me. Surprise - 4 months later I find a reversal of the 10% discount on my MasterCard and nobody can seem to tell me why - that is after I was transferred several times or disconnected. They promised to get back with me but I received that promise before and I never heard a thing.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very displeased with Sam's Optical Department. When I initially received the call to pickup my eyeglasses, the lady told me that I could only pickup the glasses from the person that sold me the glasses. I told her to get me a supervisor because I was not coming back. The lady got upset but finally give me my glasses. When I returned to get my glasses adjusted, the same rude and unprofessional employee was there and told me that she could not help me. I again ask her to get me a supervisor and the supervisor stayed until she adjusted the glasses. However, the glasses were adjusted incorrectly. In addition, I'm having problems seeing clearly through the lens.

At this point I just want someone to sit down and properly adjust the frames and check the lens to make sure they have been properly made. I called Sam's management asking them to get in touch with the Optical department and have someone to call and set up an appointment for me. I have not received a call. I feel as though the optical department is incompetent and extremely customer unfriendly.

Posted by Anonymous

I am writing this to express my disappointment with Sams's Club prices. I am a plus member and I feel that I get very little out of that membership. Recently my wife compared prices at Wegmans and found meats and many other items to be cheaper and in some cases significantly. so why am I still a Sams club member. at this point I feel that it's time to drop my membership.

Posted by Anonymous

I had the WORST experience at SAMs Club in Riverview, Fl. When I walked in the store I asked the front door man if he could get someone to help me in the electronics aisle. He told me to go over there and he would send someone. NOT! No one came! Then I spoke to another gentleman and he said he was too busy right now with another customer! NOT, he disappeared. Then I saw him with a woman that came in after I did. Then I spoke with a general manager and she was absolutely NO help. Waste of my time to shop at this SAMs club. I am from a very large company that Costco, and B.Js seem to accept with open arms and much help when you ask! Too bad more people don't realize that customer service today is the key factor when keeping customers coming back!

Posted by pets3

Thank you for the nice pharmacist, Nancy, at the Crestwood,MO Sam's Club. She was very helpful and patient while I told her about a problem I was having because the prescription pills, I had been purchasing for quite some time, changed in their size and were much smaller than before. The usual 5 mg pill needed to be cut into quarter size and now that the pill was even smaller I couldn't cut it correctly. Nancy helped solve the problem right away and I just want Sam's Club to give her the recognition she deserves. Thank you.

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