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Posted by Anonymous

I didn't get my paper yesterday 5-11. I called and got a recording saying I would get a credit for the missed paper. Nothing was offered to get a paper delivered to me . A credit should be given for the retail price of the paper since my only option I had was to buy the paper at the retail price. If I don't get the paper again I will cancel my subscription. Your customer service is terrible.

Posted by ROSANNA

it is totally impossible to reach a person using the telephone insructions on your web page. Tried a half dozen times to no avail. Don't you want to talk to a living person?

Posted by Anonymous

The customer service has gone from awful to abysmal. The downward trend has accelerated since the NY Times Company acquired the Globe. If you happen to subscribe to both papers, you will need to call BOTH companies if BOTH papers do not arrive ... and arrive they will not, often. Customer service is based Manila; you will get someone reading from a script, saying "unfortunately" a lot. If you ask for a local number, you will be told that "unfortunately" there is none. (This is a lie, BTW.) You will be offered a "callback" within 24 to 48 business hours. When you get the callback, that rep will not be interested in your delivery issues either; they will mechanically agree (if you're lucky) to file a report of the problem. Expect to receive an automated call within a day or two after reporting your problem; the gist of it will be "You are happy with your delivery service," or some odd affirmative statement that will not reflect your sentiments about the service. The call will then disconnect; there is not even an opportunity to leave a recorded comment to the effect that you are NOT happy.

I have hung in with home delivery because I would hate having to get all of my news on the computer screen. My hunch is that, with the deterioration in what is being provided and mounting customer satisfaction, before long the home delivery option will cease. A shame.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely useless. I was on the line for about 8 minutes and then was disconnected. I am ready to stop my subscription to this paper, the quality of which has notably declined since it fell into new ownership. This discourteous, corporate inefficiency is the final straw.

Posted by bobmichel

Too many missed or late deliveries. At some point it will stop being worth the trouble. BobFromPrinceton

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