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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

It seems someone else has put in e-maild address on my site,how is this possiable.I tryed my password,would not work,so someone gave me password three times ,wouid not work on each password.PLEASE HELP..) my only other email address not have any more,ect att,my internet provided..////

Posted by Anonymous

Problem adds on australian tv says it free but its not faulse advertisement

Posted by karreng

I cannot log into my account and I cannot reach customer service

Posted by Anonymous

I have been considering e-harmony for a few months ... thought they'd be good. I tried the 'free communication' and after answering out tons of questions and filling out a profile, etc. Several men apparently tried to make contact, I answered within hours, but the free communication didn't work, so it never happened in the 3-4 days you were given. I was sent 'horrible' matches, most were 100+ miles away, way shorter than I am (5'9"), or had nothing in common with me. Most had not answered any of the 1000 questions given, so I just got 'BUMMER' written in by e-harmony. Yes, it is a Bummer! The questions/answers tell a lot more about the man/woman than the insipid things you are asked to write on your profile, and then don't even show how you answered. Under sports, they don't even list golf or tennis as choices to check, but they list shooting and martial arts???? I wanted someone who likes the outdoors, plays golf and/or tennis, likes sports in general and football to watch, travel, and a good conversation; instead, I get sent a guy who answered a question that he is a complete klutz and hates sports! I had 2 matches that actually got through on another free weekend - one was a man who lives on a tribal reservation 100 miles away, is 5'-2", smokes daily, and graduated from HS! Sorry, I don't see this going far! Another man seemed to have 'potential' - we actually met - he showed up in a Mechanic's Onesie, with a Snap-on Tool Jacket covered in grease, forgot his hearing aids and kept talking really loudly, asking things like 'How long have you been divorced' or 'on e-Harmony', or 'was your divorce painful' so everyone around us could hear. He walked me to my car, then said he couldn't park in that parking area and pointed to his vehicle - it was a huge truck that pulled his huge 5th wheel - where he lives! And e-harmony thought that was a good match??? Are you kiddding? When I have actually gotten someone to answer a call, they sound all helpful, etc. But after seeing how they operate on my own profile and hearing what others say........ I am SOOOO happy to have read these experiences and ratings and will NEVER actually sign up .... sounds like they'll be in legal trouble soon anyway! BEWARE!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Eharmony website sucks! And now, after reading other comments I am concerned that they will not burn my account. I DO NOT want any more of their stupid emails... I Do not want them to have any of my info... I think I may write a letter to that old guy who started this site. One of my main issues when I was active on the site was that I had to keep going in my settings to say that I have 1 child because it would keep defaulting to 0. Ridiculous!

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