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    • EHarmony Canada - 800-390-3548

User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

Thanks for hanging up on me, Mr. Whoever You Were who thinks it''s funny that you entrap your customers into 12 month plans. Who in their right mind would ever agree to that? FALSE ADVERTISING & PERVERTS ON YOUR SERVICE.

Posted by Elle

I tried your sight to find a partner, or help meet people. Ima single mother of 2, abandoned and struggling on my own. I signed up for your $11.00 offer, it brought me to payment sight, I entered my info to find out you took 47$ and were going to another 3 times. Called customer service (not on site had to google #) Im told I cannot do 11$, im forced to pay 47$ the firsy year. Also I now have to wait 10 days for my money back. I would like to send you all a big THANK YOU for descrimination against lower income parents. I guess only those who have extra $ deserve love. I was told after a year I could then pay 11$ a month?? hmmmmm so you dont find love?? if after a year your still looking, then this site is a money making scheme. Nice cover. Ive blogged and found others with same experience, some gave in and paid only to be pissed offat the year mark. I will blog all this new known info on all my social networking. Thanks for the experience.

Posted by Anonymous

It seems someone else has put in e-maild address on my site,how is this possiable.I tryed my password,would not work,so someone gave me password three times ,wouid not work on each password.PLEASE HELP..) my only other email address not have any more,ect att,my internet provided..////

Posted by Anonymous

Problem adds on australian tv says it free but its not faulse advertisement

Posted by karreng

I cannot log into my account and I cannot reach customer service

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