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    • EHarmony Canada - 800-390-3548

User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

My password stopped working and it is impossible to get help on Eharmony.terrible site

Posted by Susie

I tried to contact EH after 9 am today,X4times, says: you have reached us after hours, call back tomorrow, WHY? Issue: you sent me a 47 year old transvestite, named Sheila, who is looking for "honesty", have you run out of real men to send to real women? My age wants are 57-65 or 66, why send me 54 or 69 year olds? Come one!!!! Susie

Posted by Eurolady

Hello! I am a member of eHarmany , my nickname is Eurolady my e-mail address is I have a question. If it's possible I would like to change my current address. I am traveling and now I am in Canada ( Edmonton T5Y 0B7) until the end of the summer. Then I am going to USA. Is it possible to change my basic information in my profile?

Thank you for your time

Best regards,

Posted by Anonymous

24 hours, eh? I am trying to set up an account for my father. I do NOT want to give you access to auto billing my credit card- and i have read the numerous, seemingly endless complaints about the fraud commited with that, it should be an option. Are you so desperate for the money that you have to steal it?

Posted by Melissa

I just registered an account with eharmany last night and today. It won't let me log on. What should I do?

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eHarmony wins customer service department award

... important aspect of business today, from. Pasadena-based, an online dating service, snagged the customer service Department of the Year award.

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“I called Dollar customer service and they told me they only see my signature on the contract and wouldn't listen to me,” Simon said. “However I think the contract was orally changed by one of their staff at the front desk, He added new terms to the ...

How trustworthy is eHarmony's automatic payment system?

He repeatedly called customer service over the next ten days, and got the runaround until, he said, “the 'Membership Dept.' denied my request for a refund, via email. Seems this department DOES NOT accept phone calls. Ananbela B. from their Trust ...

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