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    • Speak "operator" continuously until transferred. Took me saying it about 6-7 times.
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    • Compaq was purchased by HP so the contact information provided is for Hewlitt-Packard

User Reviews

Posted by skinmannc

my step-son got a compaq persario nootbook for christmas a couple of yrs ago it just all of a sudden went out one do i tried to roubleshoot it with all the options they give u on computer no luck so i call customer serice and could not understand person on phone and they had trouble understanding me and im american then she says warrenty been out for awhile thatif i wanted them to fix it was going to cost $200-250 to fix she said that hard drive went out and if i wanted just hard drive fixed it was $150 - 200 to fix and i had to send it o them so i said bs on that i will just buy a new computer for that and it will not be a compaq or hp so i just asked one simple question( what caused hard drive to just go out - out of the clear blue) well when i finally got her to understand question she said life span of the hard drive is 1 year so i said so you all just put poor componants in computer and of cause life span only year right after warrenty runs out so they can get more money out of you i said yep money gimmac go figure sam

Posted by BHUNTER512

this whole experience was a total joke. first of all i bought a Compaq laptop notebook for my 14 yr old grandson for his birthday. when he told me his screen had cracked i told him it was under warranty and we would get it fixed. i contacted customer service for compaq.firstof all he was rude.then he might as well have called me a liar about how the screen got cracked.this conversation took forever because u cant understand what he was saying for his accent, so he tells me he will switch me to the department where they will tell me how much it is gonna cost to replace the screen,well u cant understand his accent either, so he finally gets around to telln me it will cost248.00 to fix it and he needs my credit card number to start the process. NOT A CHANCE IN HELL. i will go pay someone who can write the model and product numbers correctly so i dont have to repeat it forty times. i will never buy another thing from Compaq/ HP. THEY ARE A TOTAL JOKE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS RIDICULOUS. SO UNHAPPY WITH THIS WHOLE SITUATION.

Posted by Anonymous

Tech told me how i have only two weeks left of my warranty then i will have to pay for tech support...what a joke!!!! I wouldn't pay one cent for their so called support. Nothing accomplished. He didn't even try to troubleshoot the problem!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Attempted to get information from Customer Support, regarding how I may secure a disk to reinstall my Windows 7 Operating System. Might as well have sent up smoke signals for all the good I did. I have 1 Compaq desktop and 1 HP Laptop. It is not likely that my next purchase will be another Compaq or HP because of customer service. John Johnson

Posted by Anonymous

I will NEVER buy a compaq again! Very Bad Experience!
My girlfriend's compaq presario that I bought her completely went out. She's too non-technical to call. I work 90 hours/wk and couldn't call for a few months to find out that the warranty had just passed. They wouldn't take my word about when the laptop went out and thus honor the warranty which had recently elapsed but was still active when it went out. My girlfriend uses her laptop to look at emails and basic news maybe once every 1-2 weeks. Why would a hard drive fail to work within a year with such little use? Bad product obviously.
I will NEVER buy a compaq again! Very Bad Experience!

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