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User Reviews

Posted by Polly


Last Friday(23/09/2011) at about 9:30 am I was called by someone who said he was 'Nick from IBM - who proceeded to tell me about some website or desktop application' I interrupted him and said 'do I know you?' to which he replied 'well not directly, no'. "well I really don't want to listen to a sales pitch' I responded "I'm going to go now" and I hung up. Ten seconds later, Nick from IBM rang me again and said 'b*tch' and he hung up on me. I rang the uk sales line and they said that because I don't have the number there's nothing that I can do about this. I'm really horrified that this can occur and that because your call centres ring out from a blocked number, it is impossible for me to find this person. My phone which does list callers numbers shows this number as blocked.

Posted by Anonymous

I just placed a part order for my IBM server. What a painful process!! It took me over 30 minutes to place the order. Had to make 3 phone calls. I truly could not understand all the person on the other end of the line was saying. I finally discovered they were in Argentina. Why this when so many Americans are without a job? What is wrong with this picture? The first person told me the part was not available. I found a different part number to use and was told that was also a bad number. When I went back to the orginal number it was correct. I did not think the price I was quoted was correct so I did not place the order. I checked the price with my IT person and found we were incorrect on the price. I then called back and placed the order. Again I was told the number was incorrect. When I explained that the number was valid 10 minutes earlier, they found the part. I have placed my order and pray the correct part arrives in my office.

My Point: you almost lost a sale because 2 of your employees taking the order could not understand English.

I have always thought of IBM as an American company. I now question that belief.


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