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Posted by Anonymous

Friday July 12.2014 @ 5:00 Pm My Parents Ordered A New Washer Machine From they Were Told Delivery Tuesday July 15 Later Time Saturday 19 Time As There Were None On The Floor.

Had To Call On Sunday July 20.2014 @ 3:08pm And Was Told By Assistant Maneger Orlando Would Arrive The Following Tuesday Wich Was Tuesday July 22.2014. He Received The Delivery And Was Damage The Person Who Deliver Was Very Rude To My Elder Dad Giving Him Sarcarms And No Information When Will Be Deliver New Product. This Is Wednesday And No Call Or Arrive . I Called The Store Who Was The Sales Person Very Unhelpfull And Very Low Customer Service Trained Told Me Its Out Of His Hands What Happened And My Parents Have To Wait Until Future Notice And Told Me: What Do You Want Me To Do Abouit It! Careless When I Explain My Parents Need The Products, My Dad Its An Elder Suffers Heart Attack And No Need This Sarcasm Or Desrespect.

Posted by Anonymous

Having issues with Master Bath which has been gong on since March 5,2014. Ran into problem when drain got clogged up with cement when putting in the floor and walls. Just want to bring to your attention in case any problems arise which can not be solved. Working on it off and on and has gone on to long. Lois O.

Posted by Vangal

I went to Home Depo at Morgan Crossing in South Surrey, BC. I had already spoken to flooring department to buy carpet and laminate. I was told to come to store I had to pay their company to come measure. I was charged just under $100 for carpet and another for laminate. Nearly $200 just to measure a floor. The man calls me about 2 hours after leaving store. He insists only day he could do job was Saturday (next day) I said I had appt next day. The following week would be better. No he insisted Saturday was only day HE could do job. It's not about him but about me the Customer. He then said he could give me 1 hours notice so I could drive back from my appt. He would call me at 2 pm and give me a update if he could give me more than an hours notice he would. Sure enough he calls at 2 tells me I am on my way be there in 10 minutes. I was 45 minutes away returning from my appointment. This worker yelled at me saying I will notify HD you did not show up you can pay again. I pulled off highway got out my HD receipt called and spoke to a woman Whose name starts A..... She was rude blames me.....I hung up on her......the following Monday a man shows up at the apartment I am renovating with no appointment to do this measurement. He is rude and arrogant. I ask him to measure my deck for carpet he refuses saying carpet is not good idea on patio. I said I don't care what you like. I paid an over the top fee for you to measure 2 bedrooms and deck. My painter tells him do as lady asks she is paying. He refuses. Then he says existing carpet is not that bad just get Stanley Steamer. He then says are you going to remove old carpet. No I thought carpet installer would do this. No he says tapping my freshly painted wall. That costs. To rip out old carpet costs, to take old away costs, then high rise fee as well. You going to remove bedroom door. why it does not interfere with carpet install. I want off. Do I care what you want? That costs. He puts his measuring device on newly painted wall when I said be respectful. I was told in my country women don't talk back to men. I told him get out. Don't let door hit you on way out returning you to your homeland. If carpet was so difficult or expensive to install why would you have job. No one would buy and Home Depo wouldn't exist. I am so sick of unprofessional behavior and all the hidden fees. I'm going today to get refund for measuring fees and I have a local flooring company able to start job next week. They measured free. They will rip up and remove old carpet free and they were a breath of fresh air.. If I never go to HD again it will be too soon.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to commend Garden Manager, PIP, at Redmond Home Depot. I have had several dealings with her over a period of a couple of years and each one has been characterized by professionalism and efficiency. She returns my phone calls! She fulfills each promise made. She does it all with kindness and competence. She is an extraordinary employee and I thought somebody should know it.

Posted by Anonymous

would like to know why the sudbury store will not ship my order to timmins ..from my house to sudbury 5hours drive,my house to timmins 1 1/2 hr one way....thanks in advance for taking care of the matter ... diane

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