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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I think I picked the flat out worse pay as you provider there is get a refill the refill card plainly says 90 days expiration well less than 30DAYS I get a text telling me to add time one little problem I still had a lot of time left the very next day all my minutes are gone that plus I got charged 10 minutes for a call that that I never got .

Then try to contact customer service what a big joke that is !!!! they can take there phone and there service

Posted by Anonymous

Can't ever get ahold of my boy friend I've witnessed the phone not ringing when I call and I keep getting hung up on by customer care when they try to test call his phone why is it so hard to get this taken care of and why does the number on this site not go to go phone it goes to contract att and then they have to transfer me this is so irritating I'm about to just get him a metro phone like me but isn't att supposed to be better than metro??? Very unsatisfied. I didn't pay all that money to be ripped of by att cause he can't even use the phone.

Posted by johnnymanicotti94

I gotta tell ya, I'm tired of not bein able to speak to a LIVE human being. I'm gettin charged for phone calls even though there is plenty of my on my phone acct. I'm ready to say the heck with this and find a different pay as you go service.

Posted by Jerry Tipton

The GoPhone pay as you go was to be cancelled, when I switched to rate plan. the 60.00 dollar amount is a debit on my credit card each month. calls were blocked on Dec 2nd.incoming and outgoing. until money was added to pay as you go account that I was told was cancelled.

Posted by Anonymous

Today my charges increased from 10$ a minute to 25%, and my account balance mysteriously dropped from $27 to $19. AT&T "support" says it's because of roaming charges, as I live near the border with Mexico. so they blocked the international roaming, and now ALL MY OPUTWARD CALLS ARE BLOCKED.

thanks for nothing, AT&T!! I will drop you asap.

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GoPhone customer service news

AT&T GoPhone To Add More iPhone Feature Support And Increased ...

It should be noted that Straight Talk already offers the same service level as the upcoming changes in its $45 plan, the difference being that GoPhone offers more peace of mind in terms of customer service in exchange for the higher monthly rate.

AT&T's GoPhone Prepaid Service Gets New Plans, 4G LTE Access on June 21

After four hours on the phone with customer service, they told me that the new policy is to give data suspensions for high usage customers. I told them I don't stream movies or music (which is true, just lots of images from browsing reddit at work) but ...

AT&T hangs up on unlimited data GoPhone option

That's the date that this little loophole gets closed says PhoneNews, who got the info from the AT&T GoPhone call center. With a move like this, ...

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