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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a stove Frigidaire Professional the end of 2012 at Brault and Martineau.I have been unhappy with the difficulty I have keeping the top clean and shiny. I have a G.E. that that I purchased in Florida for under $500.00 and the top is very easy to keep clean. I have been complaining to B&M about my concern and now I am writing to you for help. My simple question is have you improved the quality of your cook tops since we purchased this one. I am not talking about scratch's. I just want the stove top to look shiny and clean. I have tried everybody in your company with no satisfaction. Now I am writing to a invisible party behind a machine. I am a senior and this was my dream stove now it is my nightmare. Please help me.

Posted by Anonymous

The appliances in our kitchen are Frigidaire less than six years old. As I was growing up kitchen appliances lasted for a good number of years. Last year our dual ice maker refrigerator became a single ice maker when the top ice maker quit suddenly and the repairman informed us he could repair it for two or three hundred dollars, BUT there was no guarantee it would work. About that same time one of the burners on our cooktop took on a mind of its own--randomly coming on at random heats or just turning itself off. Well, last week our almost 6 year old Frigidaire dishwasher no longer works. So far our double ovens work perfectly. Twenty five percent of our Frigidaire appliances work. In talking to a number of appliance stores I was told the kitchen appliances are not like those we used to have--they only last a few years. Is this your way of making more money while your reputation is no longer important!!! Is there NO integrity in your products or company?

Posted by Anonymous

Our Frigidaire dishwasher is poorly designed. The screen that is supposed to stop material from getting into the ejection pump is non existent. A piece of glass broke and got into the pump. The company said they would repair free parts and labor. They did not tell us that we had to get it fixed within 30 days. We could not read their mind. We could not get a repairman over within a few days and we were leaving for the winter. I figured we could get it fixed when we got back. When I called the repairman, he said we needed a new parts and labor number. I called the company and they would only pay for the part and not the labor as we didn't get it fixed within their time frame which they neglected to tell us. They are the worst company we have ever dealt with. DO NOT BY FRIGIDAIRE.

Posted by Anonymous

13 months ago I bought Frigidaire Affinity washer and dryer set. front loading stackable with computers lots of buttons& green LEDs. very nice modern looking units. 1 month after the warranty stopped the washer started making a funny noise then it just broke. we have the repairman come out. he said it was the water pump that went out and another one had to be put in. it took a week to get the part in. when it came in the man could not put the part on he said he needed help had to wait another 24 hours. what a joke, right. the dryer with just stacked on top of the washer vibrates sometimes so much so I am afraid it will slide off the bottom. and now all about a month after the repair I again am hearing the strange sound

Posted by MAD

to my suprise brand new washer/dryer combo stopped in mid cycle the first time i used it....they said i can have it repaired.....REALLY...i spent My last $1200 on this i paid for BRAND NEW ONE I WANT WORKING BRAND NEW ONE.......NOT REPAIRED WOW IS THIS HOW THEY DO BUSINESS IM APPOLLED

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