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User Reviews

Posted by Totally Disgusted with Fido!!

This company is totally out for money.
They lie.
I have not had access by computer to my bill (2) numbers ever.
I have not received statements.
I call, they have my correct address.
I know I can change plans legally.
Why is this not done?

Posted by Anonymous

I meant to say that when you attempt to use the self serve is forwards the call to customer service which is closed. So there is no option to pay my bill, either online because the site is always down and can't pay by phone because the self serve is not working. So does Fido do this on purpose to make people late on paying their bill so they can rake in interest charges? How can they not, after all this time, figure out a way to keep their website up and running for customers that want to pay their bill? Self serve, they say 24/7? All I want to do is pay my bill and look at the time that they have made me waste on this!

Posted by Anonymous

Fido website is always down. So now I'm going to be a day late paying my bill so they will probably charge me 2% interest when it is no fault of mine. Also when you try the phone automated self serve it forwards you to customer service. Is this a way for them to make you late on your payment on purpose?

Posted by david

I have Fido pay as u go plan it charges me 40 cents a minute which is fine,but I started receiving commercial calls from different #s, charging me 40 cents/minute, which when i searched were from Fido solutions inc land line. I have not given my number to anyone other then my husband.

Posted by Mojocon

Help I lost my phone so I had it deactivated now I have no phone number to log in with, and now I see on my bill that I have additional monthly charges for not using a phone I don't have...they are just loving this aren't they, oh ya ad they want to retain me as a customer? Ya as soon as I buy out my plan at $350 then get a new contract and phone....I suppose my fido bucks are no good now that I've deactivated my phone...oh ya and Mario said to call customer service on my mobile phone and maybe they can help...ah ya ill get right on that mr fido Mario from my lost phone...idiot

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