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User Reviews

Posted by david

I have Fido pay as u go plan it charges me 40 cents a minute which is fine,but I started receiving commercial calls from different #s, charging me 40 cents/minute, which when i searched were from Fido solutions inc land line. I have not given my number to anyone other then my husband.

Posted by Mojocon

Help I lost my phone so I had it deactivated now I have no phone number to log in with, and now I see on my bill that I have additional monthly charges for not using a phone I don't have...they are just loving this aren't they, oh ya ad they want to retain me as a customer? Ya as soon as I buy out my plan at $350 then get a new contract and phone....I suppose my fido bucks are no good now that I've deactivated my phone...oh ya and Mario said to call customer service on my mobile phone and maybe they can help...ah ya ill get right on that mr fido Mario from my lost phone...idiot

Posted by Rodney2009

Was told air time will be given once sim card was gotten from UPS I called 08 12 13 told them I got it and they argued no air time was written on my account I freaked out and cussed at rep. it took tones to talk toI got email from Rachel and finely got the 10.00 on it Thanks but reps should not make a deal if they cant put a note on clients file.

Posted by Anonymous

Now usually am not one to bash or say anything negative about a company. But, I am just flowing over with all kinds of emotions when it comes to FIDO and their so-called CUSTOMER SERVICE. I've been a customer with them since the beginning, I lost my BlackBerry and went to the Kiosk at the Scarborough Town Centre..The Reps i spoke to to inform of this and to get a new phone, totally ignored me. In the end I lefted even more upset than before I had arrived, and still with no phone. They were rude, scarcastic and extremely condescending and very manipulative. The supervisor was ALSO no good either and cut me off each time I tried to explained my concern. Weeks later STILL with no phone I finally spoke to a REP on the phone who decided to send me a new phone by mail since I had a year lefted in my contacts. She explained that I wouldn't have to extend my contact and that she would discount me for all the aggravations I had went through. I waited days to receive this phone and didn't, then my Bill came and the full cost of the phone was including still with no phone. I called a rep who said the system showed that I had received phone. I asked to speak to Supervisor who came on the phone rude AND did not make me feel as a valued customer.f FIDO***CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS !!!

Posted by K.C

I HATE FIDO. They have over charged me now over $100 for the last 3 months. And never even offered to credit me or anything for my for all my hours being wasted getting transferred from person to person. I still have 2 years left and I will never go with Fido again. No wonder there icon is the dog. There nothing but a bunch of money grabbing

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Fido customer service news

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... must use Fido's online tool and pick a date and time that fits your schedule (up to 7 days out), then drop down a number for a Fido rep to call you. Simple strategy and might help reduce the frustration some customers have when calling into ...

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According to Gartner, 20 to 50 percent of all help desk calls are for password resets. Forrester Research estimates help desk labor cost at $70 per password reset*. In Mobile Consumer Insights, Jumio reports that 68 percent of smartphone and tablet ...

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