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    • Press 1 for English and then 4 twice through menu prompts
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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

This is a rip off company. My teenage daughter has a plan and did not have the money to activate the phone for a couple of months and got a job so i agreed to activate it with my credit card and the company had given away the number and therefor added my money to her number that someone else is using. They refuse to return our money. I have put a stop payment on my credit card. They refuse to let you talk with management, when asked why, they don't have management in the building. . .

Posted by Anonymous

My son has a Samsung galaxy 3 phone through Verizon...can I use it with straight talk if he gives it to me?

Posted by Anonymous

My Name Is G. Hayes, The Phone Serv.has Been For Approx. 6 Days Now. I Get A Quick Flash Saying Call Restriction 34. Now My Bill Is Paid Until 8/24/14. I Demand A Call Back With A Logical Answer And A Phone Call From U, Whch Means Reinstatement Immediately Or An E-mail Explaining Why I Don't Have Phone Service. I Have A Problem Every Month With U Guyd Sng Am Sick Of It!!!

Posted by Anonymous

All Phones In My Area Have Been Off For 6 Days Now. I Need To Be Contacted With A Reason As To Why My Phone Is Not Working!!! It Will Flash A Very Quick Message Call Restriction Number 34. Now I Pqid My Bill Back In July Conf,. Ishouldn't Have Any Restrictions Whatsoever. I Want My Phone Reinstated Immediately And Followed Up With A Call Back To Mr Immrdiately. Every Month I Have Trouble With You People And Am Sick Of It.

Posted by Anonymous

Straight talk is theeeee worst company u can possibly go with!!!! ...Yeah u think 45 a month is cheap compared to contract prices since u have unlimited everything, but what u dont know is it does u no good whatsoever to have unlimited everything when u cant get signal in the middle of walmart or in city limits let alone outside city limits. And everytime u call customer service all u ever get is someone who can barely speak 5 words of english. And can NEVER get anywhere. Recently got the straight talk conversation kit/bring ur own phone, got it home got online to activate like it says on packaging. Turns out u cannot transfer ur old phone number to ur new phone in any way . ....SO to anyone who gets the kit DO NOT DO IT ONLINE! call them before u even touch the new simcard and tell their dumbasses to switch it! ....And also to anyone researching wondering if they should get straight talk or not, NO!!!!! U CANT GET SIGNAL TO SAVE UR LIFE. and their phones freeze glitch and shut themselves off very freaking often. Just looked on their site of reviews and they have 1800 complains and 125 satisfied. Just to let yall know.

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As mentioned customer service is mostly nonexistant - web pages, that's about it - and they don't even have the steps you need to do for your iphone layed out - you have to search google to find other people who have done it and posted them. The price ...

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and everything and then……………. STOP! What happened to the internet you guys? It's. not working. I better call ST tech support, I know they can help me. What? I used up my. $40.00 card? No! That can't be. All 5 of us were only on for 20 minutes and Bam!

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