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Customer Service

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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press 1 at first menu

      Then keep pressing 0 until transferred. Took me 4 times.
  • Hours of Operation:
    • 24/7
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User Reviews

Posted by [email protected]

I cannot log in on your web site, I cannot make specific arrangementrs to pay my bill in full
on July 3rd due nto rotorcuff surgery. Both bills will be paid in Full, if this is not sufficient I will have to go to another carrier.The agents I spoke with were rude and I just kept getting the runaround.

Posted by EvilMx1976

Guilty until proven guilty because some guy gets mad at you calls dish and says your using receiver at a business BS. I've been with dish since 1998 and their fraud department harassed me enough to cancel service. funny thing i tried ti clear my name and they were so mean they didn't even give me a chance these people were truly mean.Albert

Posted by rick

Why is it do hard to find somebody to get some service my moms dish cant get her local channels for over 2 weeks and fo you think we can ta lk to anybody I mean anybody come on !!!!! You sure want your money every month dont you

Posted by Phatgurl

Don't Do It!! I See Why People Prefer Cable Service. I Called Dish On Saturday. The Rep Told Me I Qualified For The Hopper With A $35 Discount For A Year. The Installer Arrives With A Standard Dvd No Hd Service. When He Called In He Had Me Speak With Rep On Phone. I Was Told In Order To Get Hopper With Hd They Would Need To Bill My Card Another $449.13. I Cancelled. When It Sounds Too Good To Be True, With Dish Network It Is. Stay With Who Your With. Just Don't Trust Dish Network. Now I've Got To Wait A Week To Be Refunded. It Only Took 2 Minutes For Them To Take It.

Posted by Anonymous

Run the other way. The customer service knows nothing and thats if you can actually get them to try and help you. Usually they tell you its not a problem with their equipment and will give you the run around until you hang up. The receiver harddrives break all the time and you lose anything saved unless you back it up with your personal external harddrive. The internet is crap even if you get the most expensive plan. The most expensive plan is 30gb per month but they dont tell you that 15 of those are between 3 and 8 in the morning (central time) and if you run over that then it takes about 30 seconds to a minute or more to load sites like google or facebook from them slowing it down. My phone has better internet than they do more data and cheaper too. Wouldn't touch their internet unless there is absolutely no other choice and even then I probably wouldnt. Everything about them is just a hassle.

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