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      Then keep pressing 0 until transferred. Took me 4 times.
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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I am seriously getting tired of all the freaking harddrive checks (770). I am also sick of not being able to watch a movie to the end without the damn dvr shutting down because of " no activity ". For what I pay I feel I should be able to watch uninterrupted television. I was watching a movie just now and it cut off so it could do a harddrive check. What the heck people?!?! You people need to do something about the dvr settings because if I can't watch what I am paying for I will stop paying and find someone else.

Posted by Anonymous

Set up dish tv and internet over a year ago. I have a VPN that I have to use for sending information that is confidential to work. Internet was always very slow to do this and sometimes would not be able to send information on the first try. Despite this I kept the service for most of my two year commitment. For the last two weeks I have had to go 20 minutes to a hotel that had wireless and sit in the parking lot to do my transfers. When called to see if there was anything that could be done, they admitted that the delay with satellite was the reason and nothing could be done. When asked if I could cancel since it was not able to do a requirement I needed, they still felt obligated to charge the 140 dollar penalty despite the fact I had put up with things so long until it no longer served any function. I was willing to keep TV service but when they too could do nothing and felt no issues with charging the cancellation fee, I decided to check with AT&T and their regular non discounted price was much better for more service/speed/channels. Despite losing almost 300 dollars, I am happy to be rid of a company that does not feel responsible for expecting a person to keep a service they can't provide to satisfaction of customer.

Posted by dish sucks

Long time customer and dish network did nothing to keep us, all we wanted was newer equipment to get up to date. They just wanted to charge us fee on top of fee to upgrade. Tried customer service in upper level with a manager and nothing. So they got exactly what they needed, no more business from us.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to get dish in my RV for four years or maybe five. No one seemed to know what they are talking about. I went through three installers, one gave me an out dated receiver, and the other just couldn't get my system to work. I payed for dish for four years and only watched it one day. Who's the silly one, me or dish. Everyone e talked to gave us different answers. It was just poor.

Posted by terri

CUSTOMER Service does NOT exist! For almost a year we kept paying our monthly premium after we moved. We didn't want to disconnect but we were being transfered a lot with our work. We made Dish Network aware all along and they agree they have notes in our file. After making monthly payments we finally told them we would just pay for the equipment and stop making payments to them for a service we couldn't use. The equipment was in storage in the Midwest, but we were in Alaska. No problem, they want another $50+ for taxes???Are they kidding, okay, well I said we are in Alaska and have no tax here. They told me that even though there notes show that we were in ALaska since May 2013, we didn't "ask them to transfer the service", WHAT? Can't seem to pay these people enough to go away. There is no reasoning with them at all. I will never do business with DISH NETWORK again!

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