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    • Press 1 at first menu

      Then keep pressing 0 until transferred. Took me 4 times.
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    • 24/7
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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

Run the other way. The customer service knows nothing and thats if you can actually get them to try and help you. Usually they tell you its not a problem with their equipment and will give you the run around until you hang up. The receiver harddrives break all the time and you lose anything saved unless you back it up with your personal external harddrive. The internet is crap even if you get the most expensive plan. The most expensive plan is 30gb per month but they dont tell you that 15 of those are between 3 and 8 in the morning (central time) and if you run over that then it takes about 30 seconds to a minute or more to load sites like google or facebook from them slowing it down. My phone has better internet than they do more data and cheaper too. Wouldn't touch their internet unless there is absolutely no other choice and even then I probably wouldnt. Everything about them is just a hassle.

Posted by lfrd11

i have a dish network receiver i got in las vegas i was assured that i could reach dish net from canada i cannot find a phone number to call them about my dish

Posted by Anonymous

We pay $139 a month and do understand that there a some days/nights that we do not receive the Giants baseball game. I have the schedule and we should be receiving the game tonight, but are not. Maybe it's time to switch to Comcast.

Posted by total !@#$

Note I have 2 accounts at 2 different locations. Called to have my service discontinued in Jan on 1 account. February I received a bill. I called customer service. Response was we have no notes stating disconnection .. Fine disconnect it now. March received bill with shut off notice. Started receiving collection calls 5 to 9 times a day. Called Dish I was then informed they had sent me a box to return equipment or owe 375.00.(which was 7 yrs old). I called 6 days later(After receiving 18 more calls from Dish collection dept, while explaining for the 300th time the situation)and told them I've received no box. Oh sorry was sent to wrong address. 8 days later I received box. Charged $17.00 for using their box. Took to ups store.( Have receipt). The calls have not stopped, and the harassment from Collection Agency is terrible. I try again to talk to dish customer service. The young man tells me Im so sorry the equipment has been returned you only owe $67.00.Ok I will send that the 3rd week of April. It is now 4-17-2014. Note this started in January At this time I have documented dated, or recorded 214 calls to my phone from Dish and now the Outside collection agency who they have turned my account over to. I received a very nasty letter from the Outside collection agency. I call them explain I do not owe over $300.00. That I have talked to Dish and I only owe the 60 some odd dollars. She quickly while calling me by my full name that Dish arrangments are no longer valid. I do owe and will pay to the collection agency the $375.00. I hang up call dish I ask to speak to someone higher up than cust. serv. NOPE no go I explain it allll over again. She apologizes over and over then sends me to a account specialist. Who is soo very sorry for my inconvenience. And who says they will give me free Movie channel and Encore for 3 months. I quickly declined and said no promos. I want this fixed. So she then offers me a $10.00 credit on my next bill on my other account. It is laughable. She tells me be sure to pay the 60 something dollars( that I don't feel is even owed considering the box was setting in the floor for 2 months unhooked). And you deal with the collection agency who screwing up your credit, and Ill give you 10.00 off on your next bill. Moral of story is once the contract runs out of my other account. I will so go to Direct Tv. 6 other family members are doing the same after watching me have to put up with this.

Posted by true1204

my name is crystal I've been with dish for 7 years I had a situation we're not paying my bill this month I'll call them just few minutes ago to see can I get my be a pro rate it because I hadn't have my cable on for 2 weeks they still telling me I have to pay the full amount dish you suck your customer service suck I'm tired of y'all you treat your customers like crap and I will no longer miss with y'all I was a good customer I always paid my bills on time but when I got into a jam you wasn't there to help me recommend anybody not to mess with dish because I do not help their money

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