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Posted by Anonymous

What is up with the personals that's really not good for the website

Posted by Livestock/horse trailer

ad on Jul 9 under farm&home St. Louis, MO. Livestock/horse trailer is not receiving their emails I have emailed 5 plus times to buy this trailer. With no response back! They dropped the price 3 days ago. I emailed again and still no response. Can you help me get in touch with them? Thank you!!! Dorita

Posted by Anonymous

I'm unhappy with the amount of "live" customer service available. There is guy scamming vacation rental homes in Santa Barbara (probably elsewhere in CA too), and once you start questioning him, he pulls the Ad, so one cannot get the ID to report him. Craigslist needs to crack down on these people and be available for customers in this sort of scenario.

Posted by Anonymous

I had some of my posts expire while I was on vacation and tried to relist today. They all have been deleted. Have done nothing different for the last 1 1/2 years. What is the problem?

Posted by Anonymous

I have been listing with CL. I am in Omaha, NE and currently have a Dual Sim Android for sale. A person wanted to trade me. I told them no, cash only. They got mad with my answer. Every time i re-post. They delete my post immediately. Someone please help. This person has called me every derogatory name in the book. It is harassment. Will someone please look into this for me or tell me what to do to get away from this person. I have tried to do it thru CL several times. I get an electronic response that doesn't apply every time and its not happening!

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Watchdog column: Businesses experience dumpster woes, resident reports ...

For help with illegal dumping call Waste Management customer service line at 800-553-1902 or the city of Victoria's Solid Waste Division at 361-485-3220. When Marc Hinojosa started as the Boys and Girls Club executive director about a year ago, he ...

NC Ministry Saves Sex Trafficking Victims by Combing Through Craigslist Escort ...

The organization began operating the call center after its founder, Emily Fitchpatrick, traveled overseas to learn more about sex trafficking. Upon further learning that it is an issue deeply rooted within various American cities including Charlotte, N ...

State Sen. Ted Lieu pushes Craigslist to crack down on prescription drug ads

“Craigslist prohibits the sale of prescription drugs and other controlled substances on its site and has implemented several measures intended to minimize such ads on Craigslist,” William C. Powell, director of customer service and law-enforcement ...

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