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    • Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 4:30pm PST
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    • If you have problems with the toll-free Craigslist customer service number, you can also try 415-566-6394.

User Reviews

Posted by ozfx

I Have Been Harassed And Extorted For Money To Keep My Posts On The Skilled Trade Area. You Can't Even Get Craigs List To Respond And The Police Don't Want To Deal With It. Try To Even Call Craigs List And You Get A Recoring Giving A Email Address. What A Joke They Are Robably The Ones Trying To Take Money From Myself And Alot Of The Other Guys Here On The Site... Craigs List Was A Great Site Now They Are A Joke . We Have All Been Sent To Phoney Addresses And Ran Around Unless We Pay This Guy. How Do You Stop Someone Who Can Flag You Off In Less Than 5 Minutes?????

Posted by Anonymous

How do I find out who is CONSTANTLY flagging my personal posts? This has gotten out of hand and I want to know who and why. My past 7+ posts appear less than just a few minutes and are then flagged. ..thank you

Posted by Not a member

Our phone number has been put on a number of cars being sold on craigslist and we are getting too many calls that we don't appreciate getting & at all times of the day. If you could please review for phone number as we DO NOT have anything on Craigslist and we never have had anything on craigslist.

Posted by kay

I have never used Craigslist before. Is there a charge for using it? Or is it free posting?

Posted by Runnerforreal

Hello Craig's list. Can you guys fix the flagging. My posts keep getting flagged and nothing is wrong with them. It makes no sense anyone can flag you at random and your post gets removed. You should have someone who reviews the requested flags, because all you have to do is go through and flag everyone and it gets removed. Smh

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Craigslist customer service news

Newton Police Log: Craigslist Buyer Tries to Scam Man, Car Broken Into

... but the buyer started calling at all hours. The seller thought it was a scam and while he was at the police station report it, his phone rang and an officer took the call and said it sounded like it was from a call center. He advised the man not to ...

NC Ministry Saves Sex Trafficking Victims by Combing Through Craigslist Escort ...

The organization began operating the call center after its founder, Emily Fitchpatrick, traveled overseas to learn more about sex trafficking. Upon further learning that it is an issue deeply rooted within various American cities including Charlotte, N ...

Sister: Craigslist killing suspect is lying

SUNBURY, Pa. (AP) — The sister of a woman charged with her newlywed husband in the murder of a man they allegedly lured through Craigslist says her sister is making up the claim that she killed more than 20 people. The Daily Item of Sunbury ...

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