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User Reviews

Posted by WDL

Very Upset And Disappointed That Ford Can Not Supply My Dealer With A Drivers Side Seat Rail That It Is Back Ordered Nationly And The Do Not Know When One Will Be Available. Don Reid Ford Told Me The Waited Up To A Year With Certain Parts. This Is For A 2w012 Ford Focus. Hard To Believe This Story!

Posted by foong

-On Jan 30th 2014, my car was sent to your service centre in Petaling Jaya after it had a break down. I was attended to by Mr Safiril who thought it could be a diesel pump failure and would have been repaired within 2 days. The next day, I was informed that it wasn't the diesel pump failure but the starter problem and they would have to order the part and needed 2-3 days for delivery.

-On Feb 5th 2014, I was advised by Mr Safiril that the car still couldn't start up after having the starter replaced and that there could be a major engine problem that they needed to look at the gear box to find the problem. And of course these diagnostics needed even more time.

It has been one week now and I am very unhappy with the situation which has caused me to cancel my travel plans to my hometown this festive season, commute by taxi for work which has incurred additional costs and wasted my work leave to attend to this matter. I work as a salesperson therefore I rely heavily on my car to get around and this has caused much inconvenience to me.

I purchased this car in Nov 2011 and it is still under a 3-year warranty for parts, so far I've had to repair 2 units of engine mounting, 1 unit of gear box mounting and starters which had cracked within 2 short years. I highly question the quality and shelf life of your parts now, they don't seem to last well and last long enough compared to local car makers Proton or Perodua's parts which could last up to 5 years and cost a lot cheaper too.

Though I am being not charged now for the parts replacement due to the warranty, I am already worried and have lost faith in the quality of your product. I simply cannot afford to pay such a high cost of repair in future for frequent parts failure after the warranty period; for example to spend RM 37,000 (after discount) to repair the gear box failure problem, this is absolutely insane.

To summarise, I just have to say that Ford has disappointed me and I have deep regrets having purchased this car from you; its expensive parts do not last long, thus not giving value and satisfaction to the customer. My previously owned cars Honda City and Toyota Vios, which cost less (RM 70k to RM 90k range) than what I paid for this Ford Focus never gave me major problems like Ford is giving me now. Another quality problem which I have with this car is its sound proofness. There is such loud noise heard coming from the outside passing cars when I am driving. Again, this shows the weakness in your product.

Lastly, I would like to point out the service I received at your service centre, they have shown to be so incapable and clueless in diagnosing the real cause of problem of my car right at the beginning. I do not wish to have my time and resources further wasted and expect to receive an answer and compensation of sort from you on this matter.

Posted by Anonymous

Sent an email to Ford on 12/9/13 complaining of service labor costs on my daughters '04 Explorer. Have had no reply. Her '04 has 80K miles, has recently had both front hubs replaced at $600+ each, all work done at our local Ford dealer. Now the heater control motor failed leaving her with no heat during our recent snow storm. Again took it to the dealer and after repairs the bill was $1127.22 and that was with a 10% discount from the dealer after my complaining of the ongoing costs. I have been purchasing or leasing Ford vehicles exclusively since my first 1970 Ford XL. My daughter is in her third Explorer. We currently own a 2014 Explorer which replaced an '08 Mountaineer with 50K miles and so many problems the dealer sent it to an auction. I am very concerned with the repair costs and dependability of our SUV's and am seriously thinking of switching brands after 43 years of choosing Ford vehicles.

Bob Himes

Posted by coricks

we buy this brand new ford fiesta (sedan-auto transmission) last year oct. 2012, changing oil is as per schedule & as per km travel of the car,but after 1 year when they done oil changing & engine wash after 1 week there something wrong in the performance of the car there something appear in the dash board (engine malfunction, slippery sign, air bag sign). we bring it to ford to fixed it but until now it same like that (bad performance), almost 5 times we bring it to ford service center but still appear this problem, i'm sending this maybe there is one people who can help us about this problem regarding this issue..

Posted by Anonymous

Hey guys Ford in Lacombe Alberta Canada is the worst Ford EVER for customer service!!!They are very incompetent and do not deal with the issues in regards to your vehicle. They simply brush you off and don't want to acknowledge your problems or take ownership at all. I find them very disrespectful towards their customer.

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