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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

Lake Wales Dodge Dealership customer service is not a improvement at all. Truck was not done when promised and was told that rental car would be ready and waiting for us to pick up .This was not true. We were told all we had to do was get car and go We were on a time crunch with other appointments for the day and did not have time to fill out paper work when this was not told we had to do. We were under the impression it was a get car and be able to leave. I had to make last minute calls and change my schedule for the afternoon and the following day and all they could say was (sorry) A phone call earlier would have made all the difference in my schedule not a (sorry). That did not help at all with what I had to change at the last minute. If this is how returning customers are treated I will have to rethink buying a dodge truck again. I feel like we were lied to and mislead with everything that happened.

Posted by Anonymous

General manager Dominic Sacco of Winnipeg Dodge is a nightmare to deal with ,he yelled,harass,threatened , intimidate us and he held us in his room till over closing time he wanted us to sign the papers .They are not letting us cooperate on offers ,they don't letting us know what's going on.Too high pricing compare to dodge in Waverly ,taking advantage on us ,he let us sign the papers by intimidating us ,against our will.

Posted by Frustrated with Dodge

I couldn't be more ferrous than I'm am at this time. We have a $60k dodge truck that has broken down on us due to a recalled part, while we are on vacation; 1500 miles from home. We are stranded and have been pushed around the past two days, sitting in a house with no transportation. We we're told yesterday if it's a recalled fault, we would have a rental and it would be fixed. After sitting around all day yesterday and dealing with 100 different people there the past two days.... STILL NOTHING and told our case has been closed by the Chrysler Corporation and they are sorry there's NOTHING they can do for us. Well let me just say, this could have been a deadly outcome... This is not the first recall on the dodge tie rod part, this is the SECOND, as the recalled part failed as well and there's a recall on that part!!! Dodge has been bought by my family for years and this will go public when we finally get homeothermic way this has been handled! The BBB and government will be contacted in the way they have handled this!! If you manufacture something you should back it up, thanks to you... Our monies now have to be used on tow bills and rental car fees ( plus may have to pay more to stay here as part was said to not be available until next week at the earliest) thanks dodge for destroying my young men's first experience ever in Florida, no theme park sect after sitting for the past two days plus!!

Posted by Annoyed

I purchased, brand new, 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 dual wheel from the Lawrenceburg, Indiana Dodge dealer. Upon receiving the recall notice, N49, I contacted the dealer in December, 2013. I was told to call back after the first of the year, as the recall and parts would be after the first of the year. I have called the dealer asking to make an appointment for recall servicing and have had the truck serviced recently and have been told the same story three times now, that Dodge only sends them one part every 10 to 14 days and my name is on the list, that I will be contacted when they can perform the recall with a part. I haul an enclosed racing trailer and a large camper...the service department has told me to go ahead with hauling these items...the recall is not a big safety concern, however, I keep getting notices saying my recall is still incomplete and that tells me it should be a safety concern. When will the parts be available to perform this recall?

Posted by Anonymous

The recall N-49 for the Ram trucks is getting absolutely ridiculous. I have a $60K truck that I am afraid to drive!!! It has been 3 MONTHS since I applied to have my recall taken care of. I refuse to consider another Dodge/Chrysler vehicle. It is a shame, because I like the truck. Our Company has a Dodge demo truck now. I told them to send it back.

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