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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

stay away from dodge ram 3500 after months of waiting for ( tie rod end - recall ) front end parts to be replaced they didnt replace the right part that was causing the bounce in the front end. without the stablizer bar the bounce can increase and cause a wrench within just a few short minutes. Less than thirty thousand miles on truck $60,000 dealer said purchase $2,500. exstended warranty so I can get rental car (sounds like exstortion to me.)

Posted by Anonymous

Last August i bought a 2007 Chevy Avalanche from the Dodge Dealer in Blenheim Ontario. I bought it because everything looked great about it and I had good service.

Unfortunately i Had to replace the battery, wire, plugs, throttle position sensor, hub bearings, sway arm bushings, the rear shocks were blown right out (air ride) and the mufflers guts were all gone.

$20 000 for a piece of crap that is not going to last and ill still be long paying for it. They screwed themselves because my wife and i are looking at getting a brand new truck. Dodge or not I'm not going to that dealership. Stay away from the Blenheim Dealer

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Jerry,I am the maint. and trucking suppervisor for Mounain Peak Buiders. In July we will have had our 3 2013 4500s for a year.What can I say? THEY STINK. Two are sister trucks. Our service truck has been in the shop 4 times in the last 6 months, for a week or longer. one has been in the Minot ND shop for 2 weeks now, the other waiting to get into the shop. All for DEF related issues.. The issues are still going on. Yesterday our service truck went down again.this time loosing power and derating... DEF and exhaust issues. When your company depends on that truck to keep it's equipment running and it lets you and every one else down, It's time to go. Dodge your costing us $150.00 an hour in down equipment and not the first time. With recalls and broke down trucks, The one thing I can depend on is, you can't depend on a Dodge. I am traiding it in for a 2015 F450. We have several 2012 and 2013 Fords, Not one single issue. NOT ONE. I am looking at over $200,000 in lost revenue in the last 6 months. Wake up Dodge and man up. Stop producing a crap product. Guts Glory? Not this time.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi my name is Edwin Pinto. I took my car for an oil change a month ago to Atlantic Chrysler dodge and I am very disappointment because they took 3 hours to give me my car after my appointment and they told me that car need to come back for a recall and they going to call me when the piece come so far in been more than one month and no body call me yet, and they I called today and then they they hang up to phone on me. I call back and then they said someone will call me back.... What is this reallly!!!!! Some kind of joke!!!! Now I probably have to wait another month. I never go back to that place any more

Posted by Hrw712

Do not buy a Dodge from Northside Dodge in Summersville West Virginia!!! I bought three new Dodges in January 2014 for a total of over 150k from a dealer in Fairmont West Virginia because the sales staff at Northside had a bad attitude and wouldnt work with price any. I was over at Summersville today when my engine light came on in my diesel truck. I stopped at northside and asked if they could hook it up to computer to see what was wrong with it. The service manager told me that i just couldnt walk in and ask if my truck could be looked at without a appointment. I told him that i work 6-7 days a week and just wanted to know if it was something simple or drastic wrong with my truck. I know that they are busy but geez it wouldnt take five minutes just to aee what was wrong. I believe that im going to go chevy when my work vehicles need traded in. I am spreading the word where i live not to buy from Northside Dodge!!!

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