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User Reviews

Posted by zakkk

Received a call from BMW North America today saying "Sorry not our Problem"! We know the car was sent into the market place like this but we are going to void the manufactures warranty and you need to pay us $7000 to fix. BMW of America CEO Ludwig Willisch said the company is intensifying its "customer-driven focus" with the changes, which take effect Jan. 1.

Good Afternoon,

I recently purchased a 2011 BMW 328i from a local dealership (not a BMW dealership), the vehicle had 30,000 original miles on the car and was still under manufactures warranty. Shortly after (about 2 days) I purchased the vehicle the check engine light came on and knowing that it was still under warranty I took it to my local dealer to get it check out. The day after I dropped the vehicle off they called and said they had found the problem and it would take a few days to fix. Several days later I received a call requesting I come down so that they could show me an issue they found with the vehicle. After I arrived they walked me out to the vehicle and showed me (picture attached) what they found as they began break down the vehicle to fix the known problem. Well, comes to find out that the previous owner that was leasing the car from BWM failed to do an oil change for the entire period of the lease. As you can see from the picture this has caused A LOT of damage. The dealer informed me that they would need to get approval to fix the vehicle do to this finding. The continued to hold the vehicle for the next 2 weeks waiting on approval or denial to make the necessary repairs. As of this morning I received a call from the local dealer telling my BMW has denied to cover the repairs and now has voided the warranty. I now own a vehicle that needs major repairs that when I purchased had a full warranty on anything that may has gone wrong. Here are a few reasons I disagree with BMWs denial to repair:

This was a BMW lease and I would be surprised that they were not aware that the vehicle hadnt had an oil change during the entire life of the lease. I know that BMW keeps records on every vehicle and would be aware that there is a red flag here.
Why did they sale the vehicle to another party knowing that there were red flags with the lack of regular maintenance performed on the vehicle
As you can see from the picture, the area just below the oil cap was cleaned in the case someone looked inside they would see the damage
This vehicle was looked at by 2 local BMW dealerships and GIVE A CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH. Neither flagged the lack of any records regarding the scheduled maintenance. Both of these dealerships looked at the car before I purchased it.
o BMW of Fremont, CA did an inspection and Oil change on the vehicle and knew there was serious issues and still sold the car.

I am asking you to reconsider the decision that has been made as I think there were multiple areas where this could have been caught prior to the resale of the vehicle. I am a single dad and I now am sitting on a vehicle that I purchased for $25,000 and unable to cover cost of the repairs and unable to drive.

Posted by Anonymous

I can safely say that you should NOT purchase the tire package from BMW as they do not stand behind it and the insurance company will find a way NOT to pay.

Posted by irritated

warning. Do NOT try to deal with BMW finance. They give you phone numbers to full mailboxes. When you do get through to a person, it's always, "Sorry but you have to talk to another department", transfer, then, click.

The Credit card people are a joke. They have just cost BMW a 25 year BMW owner. Polite but no concept of dealing with people. or finance. Do NOT use BMW finance under any circumstances. You will be sorry.

Posted by Anonymous

My 2yr old grandson had to be rescued by firemen who smashed the windshield to get to him out when my x5 locked with him AND the key fob inside!
Two BMW dealers took the car for a week each to determine cause of malfunction. BMW said they would repair damaged caused by emergency services. It has been 5 months and they still have done nothing. The BMW rep in NJ has not answered over 20 phone messages and e-mails.
My grandson could have died in that car! Thanks to emergency services he didn't. BMW is indifferent, especially Darian Warchol there Customer Service Rep.
I own a 2012 X5 and a 2014 X5 and have been a loyal customer. No longer!

Posted by Anonymous

BMW service is HORRENDOUS - NONEXISTENT. I have yet to talk to anyone. My car was stolen by a valet at a high end hotel, taken for a ride and subsequently rUn into a lamp pole and totaled the car. The hotel insurance company has been incredibly generous and accommodating. The only problem is BMW - I have been calling BMW Assist, Financial office, Insurance office, corporate office, Irvine BMW dealership, and NO ONE has returned my call. I have been passed on to different people who then put me on hold for 10-20 minutes, I finally hang up in disgust. I am a victim of a crime and they are not liable for any of the damgages - as a matter of fact - the insurance company will pay for everything but they cannot talk to BMW because I am the one with the lease. The insurance company made arrangements for my rental car NOT BMW because they will not return my calls.

I will NEVER, EVER DRIVE A BMW AGAIN. I have talked to several people and they all report horrible service from the Irvine BMW as well corporate. BEWARE! This has caused me undue stress - not the insurance company but BMW!!!

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