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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

Hello: Thank you for sponsoring the Formula 1 races on Unimas Spanish TV. Do you think you could ask them to include english subtitles / close captions for us Gringo's ? Thanks again. Take care. Tom

Posted by Anonymous

Not only were we treated like crap, but we were also told we were stupid as I watched 'Cheech' in his dark sunglasses at 8pm at night in the rain break our windshield wipers.

Posted by Anonymous

I was at the one in the Bronx on Fordam Rd 10458 zip code, they have one counter for parts and other for when you buy things.So I get on line at the counter that's not for parts as I'm just getting something else. The manager sees me standing there and doesn't say A word.
I see him at the parts counter with one costumer and two other employees down more with other customers. So I figure I'm next he saw me standing here with my one thing I'm buying being two feet away from that is where I get mad, another person walks up to his counter and he starts taking their parts and stuff instead of atleast saying that counter is closed get on this line,HOW I'm I suppose to know if everytime I come that's the way they do it.....we are suppose stand like fools there and guess lol.Put A sign there genius and open your mouth. Too early nobody wants to work at 9am.

Posted by Angela Thompkins

On Sunday 2/23/14 @ approximately 1:25PM I went to Auto Zone on Moffett Rd, Mobile, Alabama. It was raining and I asked an employee 'Kerry' could he check my truck to see if the alternator or possibly starter was bad, because after church truck struggled to start, but eventually did. Remember it was raining, and he proceeded to tell me if he put machine on truck if would short out/burn out something. I called my son & exhusband and they both said they never heard of that and to go to another Auto Zone. I did just that, I went to Auto Zone @ The Loop/Government St & Another street I can't think of right now. They were already checking another car and proceeded to mine right after. I was so out done I forgot to get the employee's name who helped me. Did 'Kerry' not want to go out in rain? I was disappointed and frustrated that the employee would go to that extreme to get out of work. No one was in line when I stepped up to counter, nor was Kerry on phone. Although there was a very large AutoZone truck outside that maybe had to be unloaded. Unlike the Loop Store where there were two people ahead of me and machine was also already being used. I been doing businee with AutoZone for almost 30 yrs, I Am A Female, and I just brought another battery from AutoZone in Dec, so I didn't suspect a problem with battery. Thanks for listening, I'm still gonna do business with AutoZone, but this employee 'Kerry' needs to be retrained, I think he thought since I am female he could get over. That could've been my mother he did like that who still drives @ 81 yrs of age. I didn't appreciate it @ ALL!!!!!!!! Thanks Again For Listening.

Posted by GREG

hobart store!!!! do not go there employes work very hard to avoid help each other much less the cumesters. one older black gentlman was doing his best to keep up with the 15 to 20 custemers with no help from the other 4 employes i witnessed people throwing there items on counter and walking out i also seen people just walk out with there items and not pay im moving my busness to another store advanced auto or orilleys. will have my custermers shop elese where also. its a shame after doing busnes with A Z for over 25years and sending my custmers also IM DONE I DONT EVEN WANT THEM TO HONNER THER WARNTIES ON PARTS ILL GO PURCHES THEM SOM WHERE ELESE ITS ASHAMED THAT OTHER STORES WILL SUFER BECAUSE OF THIS STORE

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