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User Reviews

Posted by annonymous

About a month ago I purchased an expensive car battery from the Auto Zone in Roswell, GA. They're conveniently located for me close to home and that transaction was relatively quick and easy. However, when I returned a few days ago to buy a small battery operated car clock, the female employee who I approached for help was extremely rude. She started by aggressively asking me, "What do you want it for?" when I tired to explain, she interrupted me dismissively and merely indicated what aisle I could look for them on. I found 5 or 6 different types so I went back to her with one to ask her a question. There were no other customers in the store and she was only sorting through some merchandise in a bin so I asked her if she could help me by answering some questions. She looked at me with absolute contempt, as if I'd interrupted something very important, but she did not verbally respond at all. When I asked her a couple of specific questions her answers were very, very curt and condescending and her facial expressions and body language matched her tone of voice. Eventually she just flat out said that I had to look at all of the various products and make my own decision and she couldn't help me. I reiterated that, yes, of course, ultimately I had to decide which one to buy but, since I assumed she knew more about the products they sold than I did, she would be better equipped to know which would most appropriately fit my needs. She got even more irritable and walked away telling me over her shoulder that if it didn't work, I could just bring it back. A return trip was not what I was hoping for, but unfortunately, I did have to take the clock back 2 days later. And, unfortunately the same woman was at the counter. I said hello, she said nothing. Literally, throughout the entire exchange, she said not one word to me. Not, "sorry it didn't work. Can I help you find another one?" Nothing. I said thank you when she handed me back my money but, once again, she said nothing. I left thinking, that is one place that I will NEVER return to.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought an air compressor, never installed it. Went to return it, they didn't even open the box to see if I had installed it. Looked at receipt told me out was out of the thirty day warranty I could not return it? That warranty is based on installation, part was not defective. Wow. When asked for corporate number they hesitated, told me it would take a minute.patiently I wait and watch add they "take care"of other customers. They were confrontational when another man tried to explain they sold him the wrong part. Unbelievable really bad customer service. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Just take care of the man. They give me a regional number that the office is closed. I go back in and ask for a corporate number. I'm told the regional one is the only one they can give out. When I talk to the general manager Rodney S. Explain that I can't believe the lack of customer service in receiving our watching this other man receive. He aggressively walks fast and comes up to my face, very unprofessional. He is a huge man. States what bad customer service.are your kidding me? He refuses to give me a number, wheniI explain the compressor had not even been installed. He still states it's out of warranty and can not help me.
FYI utube fights auto was all autozone. No advance or orielly's. Autozone. Is this standard for this company?

Posted by Anonymous

I will never shop at Autozone, I was checking on line to see if the chat session could help me identify a good battery to use for a stereo project I was working on. the individual was not knowledgeable at all and was only able to steer me to the battery section. When I asked they shut the chat down and told me to look for specials, and some other canned info.

Autozone will not be a preference for me, and I purchase a lot of auto parts.

You suck!

Posted by Anonymous

I used Paypal to pay for a battery on-line for my sons car who lives in Northridge Ca, I live in Cleve, OH, and it says specifically that "For PayPal purchases, present your email confirmation plus a valid state-issued photo I.D." I did see that if you paid with a credit card right thru the AutoZone website the credit card used for that purchase would have to be presented at the time of pick-up, this is the reason I chose to pay with Paypal, so my son goes to pick up the battery and the salesman argues with him that he cannot pick up the battery i bought him and refunds my card right away without checking with a manager on just what the correct procedure is, well my son then leaves and goes to his class and sees that he forgot his book, he then attempts to start his car to get his book from his home and his battery is now dead, he now has to walk 3 miles each way to get his book and return for his class which he will be late for, but quite often the sales staff at these AutoZone stores are not the smartest people, this particular salesman has just caused my son a lot of trouble!!!!!!

Posted by sonic

I went into auburn Washington auto zone for a new starter, I had it pulled out ready for exchange. after testing old broken starter .I got the new starter, also purchased oil filter and salesmen found a filter wrench. I told salesman I did not have my auto zone rewards card and please put in my phone number for the rewards, he said it automatically adds it up which it does not with out putting in my phone no. again, he told me no I was wrong. after ringing up my sales and me writing a check for $278 AND SOME CHANGE. I asked if he deducted for my returned core charge no he did not so he rings it up again it comes to $248 I again asked him to apply my purchase to my rewards card he again said it is done automatically. but it did not so I wrote another check for the new amount, and manager of store came over said they could not credit my rewards card without my card. I went round and round with manager and salesmen they telling me it cant be done with out card. they are wrong I do it all the time they just put in my phone number and it automatically calculates my rewards on this day of may 3rd 2014 I have never been belittled by an employee and manager in my life. within the last 2 weeks I have made over $1500 of purchases from auto zone and feel like never wanting to ever go back. the manager kept telling me he cant give me credit, I told him I did not want credit just wanted the rewards to be putt on my card. so I get home install starter change oil and filter wrench will not fit oil filter wrong wrench, I asked for one that would fit, it did not I just feel like just going to orielys from now on and just bagging auto zone . I am also a buisness owner and manager and have never treated a custom as rudly as I was treated. thanks for listening ,Terry

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