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User Reviews

Posted by FlaBlue Commando


After many calls "within the system" at Florida Blue I finally got prescriptions authorized at least temporarily. It saved me about $700 out of pocket. Of course I'm told to just pay and I will get a refund. Since I also paid my premium I didn't have the extra $700 to spend.

Posted by timjax9

absolute joke of a company. Applied and paid for coverage thru bank draft on 12/4/13. Since then have been unable to confirm coverage or receive ID card or even an ID # to give to my doctor. Have called 9 different numbers, spoken to 7 different reps, been on hold for hours at a time and still no resolution. Only easy process was the bank draft for 1200.00. INEXCUSABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

On 1/6/14 I contacted BCBS to find out the reason my payment for insurance for my daughter and myself cleared on 12/31 (as of 1/10/14) I do not have a welcome packet or insurance card. Below is a recap of my customer service experience to resolve this issue. Needless to say, I am not pleased with the lack of service or being placed on hold for a total of 3 hours on 1/6/14. Not to mention, no one can find my account or provide any information regarding my account.

Below is a recap of my customer experience on 1/6/14:
* Called 1/6/14- on hold from 9am-10am CSR transferred my call to the ACAMarketplace/The ACA rep me advised BCBS needed to handle.

* Called back BCBS on 1/6/14-on hold for from 10am-11am CSR could not find my information despite the fact the payment cleared my bank on 12/31/13.

** I was again transferred to BCBS billing and the systems were down. The billing representative advised me to call back later this evening at this number 855-520-5736 . I was also told the hold time would not as long as this morning.

** When I returned from work at 7:30 pm. , I called the recommended number. After being placed on hold for 2 hours, I finally spoke with a CSR and they advised me I should receive a card by 1/7/15 .

*As of 1/10/14 I still have not received a welcome packet or insurance card. My daughter also enrolled and has not received a card or packet.

Posted by Anonymous

Applied for and paid for a policy on 12/15/2013.The premium was debited by Fl. Blue on 12/19/2013.We have not received a member id card and fl. blue says there is no member id. I have contacted the dept. of insurance regulation for the state of florida.They advised to wait till 12/20/2014 at which point they will get involved.You took our money and ripped us off for $600.I will not let this go and the state assued me they won't either.

Posted by SusanInSFL

Up until November, they were fine. Suddenly, they are incompetent with systems that never update nor work, with voice prompts that don't finish a sentence, nor do they capture information. I've spent countless hours over the past weeks to simply pay them for the new policy chosen through the site. They act like they were not prepared. Hmmmph...they had months to prepare while the government fixed their site.

I cancelled my existing $900 per month effective 12/31 and they say the new coverage is effective 1/1 but, I have to pay by the 10th. 7 days since I talked to them and they still can't get me to someone who can take payment. Plus they didn't make it poossible to pay using their online site. (Oh, and I've not received the refund they owe me yet from the cancellation).

The government site was a breeze. Blue Cross Blue Shield? Anything but! They are acting as if they're the only choice out there. Oh wait! In our area, they ARE the only choice out there.

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