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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to combine my insurances to get better discount. Agent in Broken Arrow ok. Gave me a price knowing I had a ticket he typed out my applicationn saying lets put it in and if they reject it, they wii send it back to was for a year policy I went ahead paid $1429 my Hartford for same coverage $1279 .2 month later get a bill for $2200 call agent he tells me it is ok you've paid up for the year. Next month same thing called agent again said dont worry its ok. Then get notice my cars are cancelled for non payment
So I cancelled all my policys. Without me knowing and thinking Cancelled They REINSTATED ME TO USE THE REST OF MY MONEY I ONLY USED .IT FOR 3 MONTHS MONTHS. After months.THEY FINALLY SAID THE PRICE CHANGED BECAUSE I didn't say my I had a ticket expiring in a couple month.If I knew I would of waited I was insured already.
My agent wrote out the app I called twice he said dont worry its ok.
I had insurance I wouldn't of doubled my cost. They cancelled me,then Reinstated me without my knowledge use $ about $1200 of my money. I wouldn't worry about online spammers on line we have to worry about our homeland. So depressing. We know they owe all that money to the tornado victims that they didn't pay properly.

Worst of all I had cancelled my home and rentals they again cancelled those for non payment THEY, again reinstated me and used the rest of my $900 on a 2 pay account.
What's worst is THEM CANCELLING ME EARLIER WITHOUT any MONEY DOWN WENT AHEAD INSURED ME the last 6 Months no money from me, AND are trying to get me to pay that. Tried hasseling Called on collections to get me to pay. I didn't find out for Months untill I called for refunds they didn't send. I had already gotten insurance with AAA.BETTER DEDUCTABLE S AND SAVED $1200 for my coverages with they my ticket had already expired.
. Ended paying 2 companies. What they did was IS CROOKED.

Posted by Anonymous

Have been trying to cancell an Umbrella policy, but get the run-around. Kepp telling me to go on the net and then there is no way to cancell there. And your security code must be a joke?

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to get my trailblazer repaired since December 26th. It is now February 28th and I'm still waiting to have someone call me back so I can proceed with getting my vehicle repaired. I don't know how this is legal to operate this way when your vehicle is an integral part of your day to day operations!

Posted by Anonymous

My experience with Farmers is the worst one I have had in my life. You raised my insurance 32% because you claimed I had a bad credit rating which was totally untrue. I called Equifax and talked to 2 different people who told me there was nothing in my credit report to cause that much of an increase. They also sent me copies of my report and there was only one late payment over several years which was on an account I signed for my grandson. His payment because he had a total breakdown after the death of his mother, who was my daughter. They gave me a rating of 753. two others gave me ratings of 793 and 796. To me it is disgusting how you can deliberately lie about people to the insurance commission. I just wonder how many others you have done this to. I think you should be reported to the federal commission and If I can find a way I will do it. I have all the documentation I need. I have told several people who have asked about home owners insurance to stay away from Farmers and I will keep on doing so.


all this talf about farmers is ture , YOU HAVE BEEN WANNED

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