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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press # continually until transferred. Took me 4 times.
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User Reviews

Posted by G

i have dealt with all etrade depts for the last 3 years and i strongly disagree with ALL these statements,although i have no knowledge of any of these said experiences.

Furthermore, I myself have experienced GREAT SERVICE IN ALL DEPTS.

except for the margins dept/which i have never been able to contact.

There are no numbers to contact the margins dept with.

Its regrettable that /if these statements are true;perhaps all of you should go elsewhere.


Posted by Anonymous

"Customer No-Service" - it's an amazing thing, isn't it........

Posted by Irritated trader

I think that not getting in touch with Etrade customer service is probably better because when you do get in touch with them, they give you nothing but misinformation. You can spend weeks just getting them to transfer some shares from one account to another in THEIR bank! Pathetic!

Posted by annanc

I just calledd the customer services twice, when the phones were trasnferred to representative, both time it was put on hold but without any response for more than ten minutes until I have to give up.

What was going on?

Posted by fred

this company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Bobo the clown and the baby on the computer should be running this place. I wired them 250k last week and they still, 6 days latter, have not opened my account. I have spent HOURS on hold trying to get this matter fixed-nothing, bagel zero. It is like trying to do business in the Bahamas.

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