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Hotmail Plus Billing

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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press 1 for billing
  • Hours of Operation:
    • Mon-Fri: 8am-1am
      Sat-Sun: 8am-8pm
  • Email:
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  • Customer service link:
  • Description:
    • This is the billing support phone number which is the best available option for actually talking to a person from Hotmail.

User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

My email is block. And it need my previous number to activate it but I already changed it . What should I do ? I can't rmb the detail like my my best fren all this . But I can rmb my previous number but I don't use it anymore .

Posted by Anonymous

Very frustrating process. Still haven't been able to contact anyone regarding my problems with hotmail. Ridiculous !!! Problem unresolved. Dont bother to email me if a response through email is expected. I obviously have a problem with sending emails

Posted by Anonymous

This 4 Digist - 5 Diogit - 7 Digit Scam Is Exactly What Heppened To M This Week. They Just Told Me That I Would Be Charged A Fee To Take Off This Code Request Which I Never Asked For And Doesn't Work Anyway.
I Wrote To The Consumer Division Of Fraud And Put This Info On Facebook For Everyone To See..

Posted by slam the Gates

Hotmail told me that to upgrade security they wanted me to receive a code to gain access to my account in three weeks. If I didn't want to go through this, I could just press 'NEXT'. I pressed NEXT and it allowed access, each time, telling me I had fewer days left. Finally I agreed to their request, and they asked if they could send the code to my old phone umber. I answered that they could send it to my new phone number and they sent a four number code. Next time I logged in, when asked, I entered the four number code. The automated response was that I needed a FIVE number code. So I answered that they should send me the code again. They sent a new code, also FOUR numbers. When I logged in, the automated response once again said I needed FIVE numbers. WTF ???? The next thing they did was to block me from my account and their stupid automated response system just goes around and around in circles. I emailed the address I found online for support and there has been no reply since. Shoddy company, shoddy service, shoddy owner. Dr. S.P.

Posted by Mummy

Well after contacting my 3rd customer service rep he told me to go to this page....

'We're not ready for you yet

Your 30 day waiting period ends on 4/3/2014. Please continue to wait and we'll send you an email when you can change your security info.

If you've regained access to your old security info listed before, click "I found my security info" to get back in to your account and cancel any changes. Or click "Next" to continue what you were doing.'

I clicked next and got back in to my hotmail account.

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