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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Their recording says that they don't offer phone support, but recommend going to their web-based support at http://www.quickendirect.com/phone

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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I have been fighting with error CC-502 for Well Fargo downloads using Q-2014. I give up. I reloaded Q 2013 and am going through the process of updating the data from the time I installed it to this day. I am dumping 2014 and I really want my money back.

Posted by Mrbe42

Have been using quicken since 1998 went quicken intuit 2014 also can't get a person to talk to would be willing to pay for service if I have too - very dissatisfied with quicken support now

Posted by Anonymous

I understand that there is a patch available to convert Quicken 2007 for Mac (Power PC) for use with an Intel Mac (OSX Lion or later). How do I find to order it? Can't get am answer from Intuit as they don't want to sell anything but Quicken Essentials 2014.

Posted by Anonymous

I guess you people do not what my business. I have been using Quicken for 15 years. I have a problem and want to talk to someone, not an e-mail. I got no answers from your community. I have 2014 and have bought new each upgrade, I use Quick books also. I want to talk to some one.. I want to down load credit card transaction. I have done this 100 times before. Now you require an Intuit password. It will not accept the password. I have changed the password four times and it will not accept it. I will get rid of quicken if I can not solve this problem. May be a simple fix for you but not for me.

Unhappy quicken customer

Posted by stephen

Trying to talk to a real person about my Quicken. When I use or all I get is phone off the hook sound

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