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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

Can you tell me the cost per month to receive satlite radio.

Posted by Anonymous

How do I get my money back? I bought xm radio to hear 40's on 4. I am Very angry!

Posted by Anonymous

have two vehicles xm radio want to know who authorized removing 40 's on 4 with billy joel I paid for xm radio with ability to get 40's on 4 not billy joel please respond how you can legally do this dr. Samuel Sansone

Posted by Anonymous

I am sick and tired or one of someone from another country calling me daily to get my credit card number to renew my subscription, aint gunna happen. I have had the service for 6 years and the reception has done nothing but got worse, so paying what they want for radio I don't think so...

Posted by Anonymous

the worst customer service ever! Why am I surprise4d to learn that you owned by Direct TV...LOL

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