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User Reviews

Posted by jeafight

I was told by blizzard that it was against policy to say Jesus in trade or general as it is offensive. Wow, blizzard has, demons, demonic gate ways, hellfire, just to mention a few. So I ask you what does this have to do with a warcraft genre? Not one thing, however this is the message that is being given to millions of kids. I ask everyone to please write blizzard, stop accounts, do what you feel in you heart, but please, help me make change. I did say MILLIONS of kids right. T
his is not for me, even though I love my Jesus with all my heart. Thank all of you, God bless!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I cant login in wow and they tell me:contact
with Costumer support what can i do

Posted by Anonymous

My son has been an on and off subscriber to WOW for years; he used my bank card, then added his own bank card. I have been systematically been charged for many months and deducted for WOW Europe Com, 20 euros; WOW Name Change, 8 euros; WorldofWarc.SUB, 12.99 euros. . .Every month my account is debited for WOW related payments; in the meantime he has truied to cancel my card and gave his, he is debited for the same games. . . I want this to stop. Please advise.

Posted by Normal Guy

Been cancelled for over 6 months, and still have recurring charges of $15.98 every two weeks. CAlled my bank and they told me that they were manually charging my card and the only way it would work was to get the card executed and get another one. Scammers

Posted by Anonymous

I canceled my subscription to World of Warcraft over a year ago and I'm still getting billed against my account despite numerous online attempts to stop the billing and yet you continue to charge my account my phone number is I have made numerous attempts to contact customer support regarding this issue and are never able to get through to a person I am going to my bank to file fraud charges if this is not resolved in the next 24 hours. I have not used the service in over a year.

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World of Warcraft customer service news

IGXE Launches Latest Offers on World of Warcraft Gold and CD Keys

The team at not only supplies in-game goodies, but also provides impeccable round-the-clock customer service. And, that's not all - is also offering some exciting Christmas, and New Year gifts. Explaining more about this offer, the ...

World of Warcraft 5.4.2 patch hits the test realms

customer support can now be reached in-game by selecting Help option through the Game Menu (Game Menu is bound to the Escape key by default). So, that's that then. Intervene works properly for Warriors again and the rest of the world is a little more ...

World of Warcraft Update Allows Cross-Realm Mail

Minor changes include the new ability to queue to form groups for certain world bosses, moving the "customer support" interface item to a subsidiary menu (to make way for the new "Shop" icon), and various tweaks to class abilities, quests, and general ...

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