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Customer Service

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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press 2 at first prompt
      Press 1 at second prompt
      Press 1 at third prompt
  • Hours of Operation:
    • Mon-Fri: 7am - 9pm
      Sat: 9am - 9pm
      Sun 12pm - 6pm
      All time are CST
  • Email:
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  • Description:
    • Pressing 0 or # results in them hanging up on you. Customer Service - Live Help

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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Dial 238 as soon as the automated greeting begins (it is not necessary to wait for the menu options)
  • Hours of Operation:
    • 8am-10pm (CT)
  • Email:
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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I love Walmart. I spend probably $10-12000 annually
there, and do so because of the value. I anticipate
continuing to do so, because value is paramount to me
as I am not wealthy. I need only minimal service.
I am writing, because I am worried about your company,
and my potential loss of an economical source of supplies.
It is so obvious what is happening. The company has
been cutting expenses to the extreme. I understand the
rationale, however you are destroying your "brand".
The stores I have recently visited are dirtier, parking lots
are in disarray(trash and malfunctioning carts abound.
I recently visited your store on Hillsboro Blvd. in
Coconut Creek. Fla., and spent twenty minutes searching
for short plastic sip sticks/stirrers for coffee/ cocktails, and
no one could find them. I was directed from grocery to
housewares, and back again. Finally, the employee "gave
up", and I was unable to purchase them.(I had bought this
product at Walmart for years.
I am writing this as a positive criticism. Hopefully, Walmart
will open another cash register, scale back those disasterous automatic checkouts, and upgrade the
calibre of some in customer service.
On a positive note your pharmacy seems to be functioning at as high a level as ever, and the service
personnel are of a high calibre.
I hope that Walmart survives; I need it, but it will not
if it continues in this direction. Sam Walton never would
have accepted this.
Bill Phifer Deerfield Beach, Fl
PS One last thought; the store in Pompano at the
intersection of Atlantic Blvd. and Powerline is
dangerous. I will not stop there after dark. At a
minimum, better parking lot lighting/ security is
needed there. I hope Walmart changes it's direction

Posted by Rodney

I was in Walmart on Rose Avenue, Oxnard, CA yesterday and the staff is very friendly and helpful. To my surprise the WIS Inventory personnel contrary to friendly. There were two individuals that were very rude to Walmart personnel. This was not done to me personally but there is no reason to belittle someone who is trying hard to keep their job. I suggest that the WIS Company train their employees a little better on communication skills and kindness. If they don't like their jobs go else where.

Posted by Robin

The past 3 times I have made a purchase at Wal-Mart I have bought things from the clearance sections and every time I have to go to customer service because they don't ring up correctly in the register. Could you please do your clearance like other stores and put the new clearance and bar code sticker OVER the old UPC so there is no mistake in price and customers don't have to wait in a HUGE line at the customer service desk for something that should totally not be their problem in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I just got off the phone w/a "customer service" rep from walmart. I don't know if it's a listening problem or a training issue. I had to repeat myself several times. I finally just hung up - more frustrated then I've been in a long time. Not only did he not understand or try to resolve the problem - he kept asking me the same question over and over.

Posted by Anonymous

Recently, I became interested in using your Straight Talk Plan with Iphone 3G, which I determined after a bit of research, was compatible with your program. I told a number of my friends about it and they were also interested. However, their attitude was let's see how it works for you. In many ways, I gave this phone plan a good deal of free publicity. I have been thinking about upgrading this phone, which has done well with AT&T who has a store conveniently located right across from the coffee shop I go to in my neighborhood as my second office. I am a college professor and have a host of applications for my smart phone, when teamed with my Ipad. Weeks ago, I rode my bicycle out to your store on Transit Road in Clarence, a very new super store, located in the wealthiest area of this region. A stone's throw away are neighborhoods of half million dollar houses and hockey players who make 2 and 3 million dollars per a season. When I got to the store, the employees were not sure about the proper sim for this phone, That was in spite of what I showed them copied from your add on line. Finally, they concluded they did not have it. The next closest store was about 5 miles away in Amherst, but the trip was an easy one down hill on Sheridan Drive all the way. However, before making that trip, I wanted to be sure they had the sim I needed. The worker called the electronics department of the Amherst Sheridan Drive store, but we gave up after 40 minutes on hold. I went home frustrated with 8 minutes from AT&T left on my phone for emergency. When I got home, I went on line and found the information about ordering the sim from you on line. I have sent a copy of the receipt I received from your people for payment and I want to know, where is the sim I payed for weeks ago. I need to be on line and this waiting game just makes me madder. I am a law professor and basically write for a living. Not trying to be threatening, but what would you expect if this letter I am writing you, ended up on one or several of the huge social networks like FaceBook, Twitter or Tumbler. Wow, I would not want to face the people who sign my paychecks with my name attached to this fiasco. Please find me a solution to my problem quickly, I just want to get my phone working again with a good program , which I felt you had.

William Yahwak

Note:I will send a copy of this letter with the receipt for the SIM card when I determine where to send it.

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