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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Keep pressing 0 and ignore all messaging. Took me 4 times.
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    • Mon - Fri, 7:00am - 10:00pm
      Sat, 8:00am - 3:00pm (ET)
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User Reviews

Posted by [email protected]

Since 1/1/14 (I'm writing this on 2/21/14) my Rochester, NY WSJ delivery has been missed one to two times per week. When I call to report this, they cite "Transportation Problems" and tell me that my paper will be delivered the next day (sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't). If I persist, they offer me a one-day subscription extension.
The WSJ representatives that I have spoken to on the phone are difficult to understand, but unyielding in their insistence that they will give no compensation beyond the one-day extension.
On 2/21/14 I asked the rep where she was located, she said “Manila in the Philippines”.
I asked to speak to a supervisor -- "This will not be possible" was the reply I received. When I further persisted in asking to talk to a supervisor, the rep asked me to wait a minute and put me on hold. After waiting a while on hold, I hung up.
She was right -- "This will not be possible"
If someone out there knows the name/email/phone number of the Wall Street Journal’s Circulation Director, could you please post it so those of us who continue to have these delivery problems can contact someone of authority who needs to know about this unacceptable delivery situation and can fix it?

Posted by Kari

This is a LIE!!!!!

WSJ has no customer support whatsoever. No valid phone #, no online support, bull*** subscriptions. SCAM!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Impossible. We can't get through to them. We can't do vacation holds. We're just going to let our subscription lapse.

Posted by Anonymous

This site is impossible to quickly navigate - I need a vacation stop. That should not be hard to do online. I keep getting directed to buying a subscription! Guess I have to wait until Monday to call.

Posted by Anonymous

Don't bother calling the WSJ toll-free number to resolve any issues. It's a call center based abroad (no, it's not India). You need to call WSJ at a local US number listed in their contact directory. I am a long-time subscriber and have seen rates gradually increase over the years but the last renewal notice was nothing less than an insult, $500 for 1 year or $900 for 2 years. I called the toll-free number in the renewal notice to question lower rates on Ebay and Amazon, and even on the WSJ website. I spoke with a rep, then a supervisor, and they were ready to let my subscription lapse rather than offer a lower renewal rate. I then called a US phone number listed in the WSJ contact directory. I spoke to 2 people with American accents who were polite and willing to assist. We reached a mutually agreeable renewal rate. I’m waiting to see how it all works out and hope for the best. My ratings below apply to the folks at the US-based customer service center; the toll-free number people were useless in resolving my issues.

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