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User Reviews

Posted by Cindy

Oh my goodness. If you have any other option, please do not use United Healthcare. They are the rudest, most unhelpful customer NON-service folks. Over a period of days, I have tried and re-tried contacting someone who could cancel an automatic debit that was being taken from my deceased father's checking account. I have been put on hold for lengthy periods of time, transferred to other departments, cut off. Oh dear. If you are reading this, good luck. I'd take my money and run somewhere else!

Posted by Anonymous

I saw a PA today to get a renewal on a prescription which she gave me. This is my problem: she asked me if i wanted a paper script or should she call it in, I said call it in. So I go in to CVS to pi k the script up at 5 pm several hours later. CVS does not have it never called in this not the first time. The last time was a couple of months ago same thing I ended up back three times before I had to talk to the office manager. That was my Metiformin. I was mad then now the same thing is happening again. Originally I thought it was the pharmacy but before CVS I used Wallgreens but its the same thing. I have filed a compliant with Nevada Dept of Insurance

Posted by Anonymous

You call ilegally every morning to my home phone!please stop calling!

Posted by Maggiemay

United Healthcare has a contract with the State of IL retirees. The deductible for prescription drugs for this plan is $100. There is some sort of glitch in UH system, that is assessing a $310 deductible for prescriptions. My mother who is elderly and in very poor health was overcharged for her prescriptions because of this. I talked to a supervisor at United Healthcare who would only give her name as Summer. Very rude, very high and mighty, not in the least helpful—worst customer service I have ever experienced! UH knows there is a problem with the State of IL retirees, but does not seem to be interested in fixing the problem.

Posted by CSSucks

I only had them for about a year because it was my company's only option. They were the absolute worst I have ever experienced. The hold times were ridiculous. Conflict resolution was a joke because you had to wait for 45 minutes to get through to Customer Service before you could get through to the conflict resolution dept. There was NO direct line and service could NOT help, although they HAD to read your entire file every time you called, which meant another 10 minutes on hold before they could transfer you to another rep and then another and you'd be lucky if you didn't get disconnected.
My biggest problem was they refused to pay for a $420 diagnostic test that came back negative. Their refusal was because it was a test for a pre-existing condition. I don't have a medical degree, but even I know that if a test is negative I don't have the condition and therefore it can NOT be pre-existing. I was getting the test because my daughter had just been diagnosed and it is a genetic thing. Thank God she had other insurance and it was covered okay.
I went round and round with them for over a year. They said they needed everything from every doctor I had seen in the last 19 months (my gp for an annual exam and a chiropractor for a couple of adjustments). These doctors got frustrated because they were barraged with forms to fill out that they did repeatedly while UHC said they never got these forms. The docs were nice to me at first, but after a while it was just a waste of their precious time and the one that I had only seen once in my life (and since I moved will never see again), what was their motivation to fill out this form the 5th and 6th time? What was the problem? UHC kept printing the wrong dates on the forms they were sending out and then they would refuse to accept them because the dates were wrong. I finally caught what was going on when I requested UHC send me duplicates of the forms the docs were getting. When I called customer service they responded, "Yeah, that's a computer glitch and we know. It happens all the time."
Everything they did led me to believe their main goal was to frustrate everyone involved and deter any one from getting ANY thing paid for that they could that really should be covered.
STAY AWAY FROM UHC!! They are expensive and won't pay for a blasted thing!

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