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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press 0, but ONLY when you have reached the main menu. Pressing 0 before then and the message will reset.
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    • Mon-Fri: 9am-9pm EST
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User Reviews

Posted by C_Bojangles

Their (Ubisoft)has no number anywhere. So stupid. ContactHelp.com was first in the search engine and this number is correct, and the directions given were worked like a charm.

Posted by wildbill763

the phone number listed is out oservice if you don't want to support your games especialy far cry 3 let everyone know I think it's a real shame your company is associated with uplay the whole system sucks I paid good money for the game.& uplay will not alow me t o activate my game I first of all I do not play oline & I don't think I shouldn't be forced to I am handicaped I had a massive stroke 7 months ago I am paralized on my left side but I try not to let i influence my a

titude trowards life but I also don;t like the acount Idea I really don't think I should be a victome of your Ideals &forced to use uplay I paid for the game I should have the right to determine how to use the product with the confines of the lincese agreement!!!!! my whole life is on my computer now I don't have anything anymore i thank you for your time I know how important it is since I have little left I lost the right half of my brain I was on the operatin table for 12 &1/2 hours I died 7 times in the process by the way for those who may be interested there is no light just dark & quite my doctors gave me a year at the outside I was firefighter for 18 years fothe city of pittsburgh i will remember my carer even after death

Posted by Txusguy328

I will NEVER purchase an ubisoft game ever again I have xbox 360 purchased far cry 3 when it came out. Downloaded all the patches and still can't complete the last mission "ace in the hole" it freezes. Mitch jolly.

Posted by Anonymous

I made the mistake of purchasing Might & Magic VI. I haven't been able to play the game since then. That's the first part. Second part, I am looking for a way to contact Ubisoft and see that the only way to contact them is with a long distance number although if I happen to live in a country outside of the USA and speak any other language besides english, I could use a toll free number. Anyway, I tried contacting Ubisoft through email and online chat which would just time out. Ubisoft was a highly respected game developer at one time. I guess what they say, times change. There needs to be a class action suit against all companies that produce and sell such horrible software as you can't even return it once the package is opened. I would just like to know if there is any recourse for people being ripped off by these companies, this one in particular.

Posted by faust666

hi im playing your game settlers , i have written to settlers support but they seem to be no support at all ,

fisrtly i asked a question and was banned from chat , fine this doesnt bother me too much as its worst chat i have ever been on , basically there is no chat , becuase of over zealous mods , my qeustion was to do with the english , i am english myself and thought it was unfair , so i asked a question for this i was banned , i asked question on forums same no answer just banned , seems mods there ban what they feel like baiing for no apparent reason , today i was banned form chat i cant access the trade without this i cant play the game at all , i cant see the calculators on forum either .
as far as i see they blantantly discriminate against foreigners , and no im being harrased by the mods . who are trying to get me to quit the game . they were also on forums mouthing of about me which one of them was clever enough to remove but was told about this before they removed them .

i have been playing this game since ealry 90s and was glad see it online , i like game but not they way you perform on the internet and wont be buying any more of your products , as you seem to think discrimiantion is ok . and dont think be playig this online for much longer as they seem to want me gone .

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