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Posted by Anonymous

I have been on hold to ask a question regarding my baggage for over 1 hour 45 minutes and I still have spoken to no one. USAir plays a game of keep-away with its customers and there a no provisions to access any information or receive any assistance except for one central number. It is impossible to believe that a wait time of 1 hour 45 minutes is not intentional. This occurred because i was denied boarding because USAir overbooked by flight. Their lack of response in incredible! I was also denied the legitimate amount of compensation that I was owed by the airlines by the "supervisor" who had no idea what she was doing.

Posted by Anonymous

My son and I took a flight from Orlando to DCA (Washington) to MSP (Minneapolis) on 4/5/2014 and the counter attendants in Orlando at 4am in the morning were very rude and disrespectful making myself and my son feel like pieces of dirt. In addition we were told that the option to add first class which was an additional fee of $208.00 would be for the whole flight through to MSP and of course it turned out not to be the case , so again incompetence demonstrated by the counter attendant at Orlando. The best part came in DCA when we deplaned and after asking for help showing the ticket we were told to take a shuttle to another gate- one shown on the ticket - gate 25 and when we got to gate 25 we heard an announcement that our flight had been changed to gate 37, so we had to take the shuttle back to the previous gate we had started out at. WHen we got to gate 37 we were yelled at by the US AIR attendant that because were we late we had to take whatever seat we could and that we were lucky to be boarding and that it is our responsibility to know what gate to be at - even though she did not realize that it was the very US AIR attendants who had instructed us to go to the other gate. I would not fly this airline again their counter attendants were all very rude and very good at making a person feel like they are not human and entitled to any human treatment. They do no offer polite service and compared to flying DELTA -which service was impeccable and polite to all customers and also which announced gate changes on the plan before deplaning. I would also not fly first class because it does not make any difference with US AIR.

Posted by Anonymous

There is no customer service. So far I have been holding now for over 45 mins. Will think twice about ever using this airlines again.

Posted by Anonymous

I am extremely upset about the fact that no one has contacted me regarding my refund. Someone needs to contact me today. I have waited 3 months. This is very unprofessional.

Posted by Anonymous

Looks like US Airways have a record of leaving it's customers hanging in hold. I too, called about a billing question. And I owed THEM money! On hold for over two hours. Absolutely unacceptable, unacceptable, unacceptable. US Airways,

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