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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I do not believe we will ever shop at Toys R Us again. We drove out of our way to spend 100 dollars to qualify for a free toy with that purchase.At purchase they said that they did not have any at this time and that they would mail it. When it did not come in the mail I called the store and they said I had to call 1 800 Toys R Us. When I called that number I was told that you only get the free toy while supplies last. Of course I was told this after I spent the 100 dollars. Next time I will drive to a closer store and just buy the toy. Better yet, buy it on line. That is so dishonest! Way to go Toys R Us! You made my son realize stores do lie just to get you to come in and buy their stuff.

Posted by Anonymous

My child and some friends recently got hired for the holiday season. Although I am happy they got hired I feel the store managers are taking advantage of these young adults ( most are 17-19 years old with this being their 1st
Job). They work 9 hr shifts with hardly a break. Now that the store is open 24hrs they put them to work with only
5-6 hours between shifts. Yes they are young and need the experience but be fair this company has a reputation for providing great customer about the employees Store #6390

Posted by Anonymous

I just completed my second conversation with Customer Service.

I was thrilled to be able order items online for Christmas and have them delivered or for pick up at a store.

On Dec. 2, I ordered a Ergobaby carrier which offered a free liner ($25 value). On Dec. 15, I opened the package and found no liner. Called Cust. Serv. and talked to a supervisor and expressed my disappointment in not receiving the liner. After a discussion, she said she would give me a $25 cert so I could either order the liner online or pick it up at the store. She gave me a reference number but since I was driving, I could not write the number down. She said she would email me the number and information re. our conversation.

It is now Dec. 20, and I have not received an email from her. I called Cust. Serv. again today, and was told they do not have any record of that call.

I am very disappointed that I was lied to. Actually, duped and made a fool of, since she said one thing, making me feel like a valued customer, then did nothing.

I have shopped for years at Toys R Us and loved taking my grandchildren there. However, I will no longer do business with a company that operates this way. It may only by $25, but you have lost much more than that from me and from friends with whom I will share this experience.

Phyllis Larned

Posted by AcceptableResolution

Placed an order and received order number and email confirmation.

When product was not received Customer Service was contacted but there was NO RECORD of my order is the system. Being advised a call back would have to be made after they researched the issue and having read thesebcomments the worst case scenario was feared.

HAPPILY all has worked out. Toys R Us has rectified the issue by offering to send the order ASAP.

Althpugh frustrated the original order was misplaced the situation was handled timely and appropriately.

Posted by PISSED OFF

WORST WEB SITE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. I recently placed an order for 5 items from the Toys R Us website. All items were available when I shopped the site and submitted my order. I receive a confirmation email a couple minutes later showing two of my items(which are Christmas gifts) would not be shipped until after the New Year. I immediately contacted Toys R Us and was advised by a very rude and unpleasant service rep that it was too late to cancel the items because the order had already processed. I advised her that I was not trying to cancel the entire order just the two items that are apparently out of stock now. Of course she could not help me. I spoke with two supervisor who also said there was nothing they could do. How is it that you don't have the items in stock and I can not cancel my order for items that are not due to ship for another 2-3 weeks. This makes absolutely no sense to me what so ever. Now you think I'm going to wait until after Christmas to get them items just to return them anyway. This is not a consumer friendly company. Never will I purchase anything from Toys r Us again, online or in the store. And you wonder why people spend their money else where.

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