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Customer Experience Center

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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press 4
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    • Mon - Fri, 5:00 am - 6:00 pm PST
      Sat, 7:00 am - 4:00 pm PST
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Toyota Financial Services

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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press 0 repeatedly until transferred. Took me 3 times.
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    • Mon - Fri: 5:00 am - 8:00 pm PT
      Sat: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm in your local time zone
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    • This Automated Customer Service line provides account information 24 hours a day. Customer Service Representatives are also available during specified hours.

User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

Just purchased a 2014 Highlander, great service from the dealer and gentleman that I purchased it from. My question is when putting the back hatch into manual mode the door is almost impossible to close, soooo difficult. I was told that this is the way they are, if it is I believe it is a major flaw in the Highlander....

Posted by G Motsinger

I was having my oil changed this morning @ 7:30am. My car was pulled out ready to go @ 8:19am. I sat in the waiting room watching and waiting for them to tell me it was ready. No one did. After waiting 11minutes, I walked out and ask why I was having to wait 11 minutes for my car? I was told "I am waiting on thepaper work". My resonse was "no" it is ready and it doesn';t take another , now 12 minutes" to check out. She walked straight in to the office and came right back with the papers. I handed her my debit card, she processed it, handed me the ticket to sign, gave me a copy and all of this with not word or apology. I love my Toyota but this has happened too many times while we have been waiting just to see our vehicle done and ready for several minutes before we are able to leave. Very poor service from the person handling our car. I also saw her take a smoke brake while my car was ready. This is my 3rd Toyota car and my husband has a 2008 toyota Tundra. I'm about ready to trade but I'm not sure I will stay with Toyota. The last year the service has been slack.

Posted by ranchoir

My Rav 4 is subject of a Toyota recall notice

My dealer in Santa Monica refuses to follow up. The noises of grinding is now so loud and everywhere under the Chassis that I cannot list it for sale or trade in because of the defect it seems to be unsalable. here is my vin number jt mb d3iv 365 00 2605

I think the answer is for Totota place the car which is of no market value.

Posted by tammy coutts

I purchased a 2010 Toyota Pruis. It spent 1 year in NH. Then Atlanta, Georgia. In August 2013 we had the total brake system taken apart and looked at, excellent condition, needed no work. November 2013 in Atlanta took it to the dealership to have all the brakes checked out, my daughter is driving it and I wanted to be reassured the brake system was still in excellent condition. Late November they inspected the entire brake system, and everything was completely fine, still needed no new parts. Last week less than 2 months later my daughter drove to NC for the weekend. She heard a slight noise coming from the back. She stopped at the first Toyota dealership (4 miles away). With NH plates, they must have figured she was a young college student with her parents car heading on Spring Break, with mommy & daddy's credit card. She was told the entire rear brake assembly was COMPLETED RUSTED OUT BEING A NORTHERN CAR. Estimate to fix was $1200.00. After much research of what they said she needed I found the dealership to have been extremely wrong, considered it a "BLANKET REPAIR," told my daughter to sign for consent to repair and to either fly back to Atlanta or rent a car. I called Toyota Executive Directors and explained the problem. I got absolutely nothing but excuses from 2 different "executive directors." Had the car towed to another Toyota dealership, 8 miles away. Was told this repair was not caused from typical "wear & tear," but something had to be defected. Their estimate was for $450.00. I compared parts from each estimate only to find the first dealership wanted to make more money off from a young, female from NH. Only now Mom is involved and I will continue to call, email and post where I can. I realize Toyota has had several "class action" law suits & too many recalls, and I see such a decline in their quality, customer satisfaction and honesty. I am so very disappointed in their actions. My result finally after 5 full days making numerous phone calls and emails, imagine TOYOTA OFFERED ME $200.00 toward my bill. Unfortunately after figuring a rental car for 2 weeks, towing and the rest of the repair brings my out of pocket expense to $600.00. I am very disappoint with their offer and they have NO reason to pay the cost of the repair of my Pruis. I say this because I have spoken to 22 independent Toyota Service Directors from Maine to Florida, explained my situation and all 22 said Toyota should stand behind this because it was not common "wear & tear," and some part was defected. So anyone out there needing work done in North Carolina BEWARE OF BLANKET REPAIRS.

Posted by chseder

I purchased a 2011 Prius new from Riverside Toyota in Marquette,Michigan.

I am forced to believe that after the sale I do not exist. Repeated calls requesting some touch up paint and a request for a seat belt extender are always ignored. They say they will call you back and then there is eternal silence. Certainly if I were to purchase another Prius it would not be from that dealership. The vehicle is super but if you want to know I could make a couple suggestions that I feel would improve the customer rating. Really how hard is touch up paint and a seat belt extender. I purchased the seat belt extender on Ebay and it works just fine.

Sincerely, Clayton H Seder

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