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Posted by Anonymous

I have just got off the phone with a lady that didn't understand me. I have had the same number for 2 years. they took the number from me and deactived my pone without reason. what kind of phone company with nothing but people who cant explain nothing and know nothing do we have working for us. we pay them . I lost a lot from this. they have nasty people working there. I recommend no one use straight talk. I have been treated very badly. thank you.

Posted by dont_enjoy_wastingmoney

Could you please fire all the indians that nobody seems to be able to understand?
This second man i spoke to was muffled and then he took his face farther from the phone & i kept having to say "can you please repeat that? I didnt understand"
Walmart..shame on you for outsourcing sooo many american jobs.

Posted by Anonymous

The people working in customer service don't speak much english so they have a script in front of them telling them what to say. That's why you hear the phrase "bear with me" every five seconds. They don't understand your problem and make you do all kinds of worthless changes to your phone before fixing the actual problem. This is the third time my phone deactivated when I correctly added a new service plan. I tried asking WHY it keeps happening and WHAT I can do to prevent it from happening but all he kept saying it "maam I just fixed the problem." And then kept trying to end the session at that. then he said "it won't happen again." And i tried saying that's what I was told the last two times...then he hung up. absolutely ridiculous and extremely frustrating. Next month I'm sure ill have to call again for the SAME problem as always.

Posted by Anonymous

Your phone system is horrible. When you need to talk to someone and get some help you cannot get passed the automated system and it is very frustrating, I plan to go to another provider and will not recommend your service to anyone, In fact I will tell everyone I know to stay away from straight talk. What a HORRIBLE experience. I tried for hours.

Posted by donothavenow

I was given my LG Optimus Q as a gift in 12 of 12 packaged as a NEW PHONE! I've had nothing but, PROBLEMS w/ it, & your "So Called" Customer Support! The phone was NOT NEW, as I found multiple areas in it supporting such. I have NEVER been able to get ANY problem w/ it resolved! It is totally IMPOSSIBLE to understand anyone in Cust. Srvc.! I've been put on hold for so long that, I hung up, if THEY didn't hang up on me FIRST! Every time I add $ to my acct., the phone changes everything! It's due for refill again, & I have'nt been able to get a signal for the entire month! I can't access my Email accts., NO PART of Google has EVER worked properly! No matter WHAT my issue is, all they want to do is perform a Total Reset, wiping out everything! They are lazy & rude!! Needless to say, Straight Talk as a whole, has been extremely frustrating, & a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT! GET IT TOGETHER FOLKS! I'm looking for another carrier!

Posted by roland

I wasted 1 1/2 hours talking to a tech somewhere in India (to 2 techs actually) and they didn't take care of my problem. I've been a loyal customer for 1 1/2 years, have called people from clear across the states-even when I travelled on the east coast calling relatives in my home state California with no problem. Today the techs were asking me what zip code my phone was programmed in when I bought it, and still they couldn't connect me at all. They wanted more information from me and told me that it would take 24 hours-if it would work. I just don't understand this. They acted like they just were "raking me off the grill." I guess you don't practice the ethos that "the customer comes first and is always right." I just went ahead and cancelled my account with you people. I'm very disappointed!

Posted by Jammer56

I was attempting to add time to my wife's phone, after 2 hours of hearing that there is an unusually high call volume and to call back later OR for faster service, visit our web site. I tried to log into the web site and get that it is currently down for maintenance. This has been a pretty good company up to now, but when you start wasting my time after I spent $45 to charge the phone, I am a little upset.

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried numerous times to get thru on your customer service number.What is the problem? Your company has fraudently taken money out of my account and I want it stopped - NOW!!!!!!! I will press charges against this company if it is not done!

Posted by Krys

I like the monthly prices but what makes me hate the straight talk company is their customer service. This is one of the many reasons why I left this phone service. My mom still has a straight talk phone. For some reason she could not receive incoming calls. We called customer service and what did the person on the other end do....they HUNG UP ON ME! Another thing is I can not understand anyone who is a customer service rep with straight talk and the background noise is so loud you can not hear well. What I then had to do was Google the problem and now everything is fine. That is what the the service rep should of done on the first place but I DID IT MYSELF!

Posted by Anonymous

straight talk customer service, the service is out in my area right now, I'm still on hold AND HAVE BEEN ON HOLD SINCE 10:30 PM, IT IS NOW 12:37 AM. STRAIGHT TALK.

Posted by mj303

I have the lg 3.0 for straightalk and it will not send texts now it pops up saying error code 3

Posted by Cathy

I am tired of talking to people that I
can't understand. I have and am being charged for 2 plans for the month of 26 Feb -27 Mar and my current Service Days on my phone screen today, 27 Feb, is 0. This company will not refund either payment both of witch were auto pay. I called yesterday and thought I had cancelled the $45 plan and started the $30 plan. I think the service personnel should be required to tell you that you can't change plans except on the day before your service ends. I will switch companies as soon as possible.

Posted by leona goble1015

I just was changing my phone number now I have no cell phone this company suck I will get a whole new phone

Posted by Anonymous

I'm getting ready to up-grade to another straight talk phone,,Can I keep my same phone number and have my remaining air time transferred to a new phone?

Posted by SAL

I have been having trouble with my Huawei phone since November, I have made multiple calls to customer service. The last customer service person was in India. Many service reps have tried to rectify my problem. The last one made the phone lose all history and contact numbers. The phone seems to have a mind of its own. mis dialing, dialing on its own, showing that the number belongs to a prior owner and the list goes on.

Posted by tanialee

I am so so sick of talking to people from India who have no idea wtf I'm talking about!!!! My phone broke popped out another 200 bucks in a new one and these morons can't transfer my number any faster than this ...its insane! I should be reimbursed for the time they are losing me on my phone & for having to deal with these people who understand NOTHING!!!

Posted by Beff

Their website is down and all their customer support numbers are down as well. My phone is off and I I can't even turn it back on until one of these come back on. This is horrible!!!

Posted by cin

Need to update payment information on my phone. Cannot get a customer service person at Straight Talk. Very frustrating!

Posted by Anonymous

my phone got locked up and i forgot my passwor and email i dont care if everything gets erased i just want my phone back how can i get it back

Posted by Not Happy

Tech support is the worst I have even tried to talk to. All they can do is verify your phone information and give out phone numbers. They have a very hard time understanding English and speaking English.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had a straight talk phone for 7 years. you took my phone number from me and give me a new number, now I can't contact my family or my doctors. straight talk and coustomer service is the worst in the world.... Lee Hargrove This was my old number. I want it back!

Posted by Anonymous

Straight talk has the WORST customer service ever!!! I purchased a new phone which will not activate. Guess what their solution was? Just keep trying to activate it for 24 hours!!! So now I'm without a phone for 24 hours. Not only that 15 days ago my original phone quit working they were suppose to send me a label. Havent seen it yet!!!! I am completely disgusted and disappointed with Straight talk!!! ridiculous!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

recently bought a HTC ONE from a friend, went on straight talk's webpage to check phone compatibility. Webpage said phone is compatible, all i needed to buy was the BYOP package with sim card. Bought BYOP package, went to activate and it did not work. Called customer service and explained the situation. They proceeded to tell me that the phone would not work with straight talk. Now i'm out 60 bucks. Terrible company, seek service elsewhere.

Posted by Anonymous

Wish I would have read the complaints b4 switching to Straighttalk. Two weeks now and still can't talk to a human. The CS # is a joke and I can't get the phone configured to utilize data of any kind. Left 5 Emails to CS and no response. You'd think they would spend a little less on advertising and take care of the people who are spending money on their crappy service. Guess I'll have to bite the bullet and go elsewhere too.

Posted by Joadie

I bought a straight talk Centura on Jan 1st from walmart. A couple weeks after I purchased it I started having problems with it I returned it to walmart in Ogensburg New York on the 15th day because the person in Potsdam didn't put my receipt in bag or my extended warranity paper in my bag after I purchased it like he said he did ,the walmart in Ogensburg would not take it back . I called walmart in Potsdam the next day and explained to them what happened they found my receipt in Potsdam walmart but because it was over 15 days by one day they would not exchange it . the guy in electrical was very rude to me . I explained the situation to him and he more or less said too bad I need my phone I have a seriously ill mother I can not go without a phone . I do not even know if he activated the extended warranity that I paid for . I also asked the walmart in Ogensburg to call the Potsdam Walmart to prove I bought it there they wouldn't do it I have been a straight talk customer for a few years always been satisfied until now I live 45 min from each walmart so is not easy to get there easily with all the bad weather we have had what can be done about this ?

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