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Customer Service (Insurance)

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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press 2 twice
  • Hours of Operation:
    • 24/7
  • Email:
  • Customer service link:
  • Main Company URL:
  • Description:
    • General information. For any specific information about a claim, for example, will need to call M-F 7am to 7pm.

      The phone number to the corporate switchboard is 309-766-2311.

User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

Your pa turnpike employees are doing a great job at showing consumers just how bad ur company cares about people. I seen a person get approached by ur employee yelling at person. After person went thru a gate he wasn't supposed to go thru. But before employee got out of his truck to yell at person he cut him off with state farm truck and almost caused an accident. So much for safety huh. Well after witnessing this. I decided after many years of being a customer. I decided to go with another company for insurance. If this is the type of people u want representing . I don't want to be associated with your company anymore. Ur employee was screaming at the driver and the driver was not arguing back either. That driver didn't even have a chance to talk. Police don't even treat people like that and they have the authority to. Ur company doesn't. Ur company is large. We'll see how long treating people like that. Well ur company can get out of insurance business if it falls from treating people like that. U can always convert to only having a safety patrol business.

Posted by Anonymous

I had flood damage to my vehicle which caused it to enter into the engine. I filed the claim not even 24 hours later, yet it took them almost a week to contact me. From the time I filed the claim until their repair facility even looked at it, over a week passed which allowed the air box to dry. However, they never drained the oil pan which had water in it. Rather, the repair shop, and a second state farm inspector blatantly lied and said that there was no water damage, and made it appear as if the issue was because of an oil leak. A leak that wasn't even present before the state farm had my vehicle towed in.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been w/State Farm for most of my driving career, which is over forty years. I am so unhappy with the service I received from an accident we were involved in in September 2013. The accident was not our fault, but State Farm wouldn't help me. I received more help from the guy who hit us insurance, All State, then from my company. We are seriously considering changing companies.
I will be shopping around for someone who wants our business and will provide excellent service.

Pamela Nolan
McHenry IL

Posted by Anonymous

Had water damage on 3-11-14, made claim
adjuster went to see car 4-8-14 (had left water in car this long)
told claim was not covered 4-11-14
Was told by final adjuster that the water was slow progressing thing. 5+ gallons of water are under my passenger seat, completely submerging a computer which controls the transmission.

Posted by Anonymous

They agent i dealt with assist doesn't return calls and as a result my home owners policy was canceled because she couldn't remember information that was given to her at the time i bought the policy i aslo e mailed her and never got call back as i work nights several calls should've been made to follow up but not one call was told i'd get a call from her in twenty about 20 mins on saturday so i stayed up waiting for the call before i had to go in to work still never came again

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