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Posted by Anonymous

Trying to make a album for the first year of babies life, would like to find a cute cover and cannot find anything for a baby, need some help. Also wanted to find some other colors for the pages but can't seem to interchange them.

Posted by Sick of Their Bull#$%&

Have liked their photobooks. But their prints stink. They use a very primitive cropping tool that cuts off major parts of the images. If you mention that to them, they will give you a song and dance about how your "aspect ratio" needs adjusting. I took camera to a professional camera store -- there aren't many left, and those that are have to be good to survive -- and was told to leave the aspect ratio alone! Their virtual chat is a stupid robot who knows about three English-language phrases, such as "You need to clear your browser cache and cookies." This is intended to make customer think that Snapfish's inferior quality is customer's own fault. Finally: DEMAND that your prints be send in a sturdy cardboard sleeve, as otherwise you will get a flimsy paper envelope, and unless you're lucky your (subpar) prints will be bent.

Posted by Anonymous

I just received my Snapfish order. I am so pleased!!! This was my first order and the customer support staff was absolutely great! The two albums I ordered turned out so well. The quality was outstanding. I will be ordering again soon.. "Thank You" so much! Susan H.

Posted by Bob

On May 2, 2014, I ordered 452 pictures in 3 separate orders because I had coupons for the different number of prints. Last week I received a box via UPS with 300 pictures. That was one order. Then, the next day or so, I received a package in the regular mail. I counted 98 pictures in that order. I think that order should be 100, but who knows! Anyway, I am missing 52 pictures. I TRIED to use live chat, but I might as well have been talking to my dog! I gave "her" ALL three order numbers, but she had NO CLUE! All "she" wanted to do was issue me a credit and REORDER the pictures! "She" wanted me to go through all 452 pictures to see which ones I was missing! I told "her" NO, but it made NO difference!

I disconnected from "her" and Googled the telephone number for Snapfish- 800-634-4500 - and spoke to Wasim! I gave him all 3 order numbers and he was able to see which order was not sent! He said that he would reorder the pics and send it expedited delivery!

POOR LIVE CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe IF they understood ENGLISH they could have resolved the problem!

Posted by Abhi

Customer support gets no more than lip service from Snapfish. No way to get to talk to a live person. I spent way to much time today in a wasted "live chat" with Abhi. My problem is simple. Abhi either didn't understand, didn't care or didn't know what he was doing.In any case, nothing was done, he signed off and left me hanging
The problem is this. A video I ordered has not been emailed to me. I responded to a pop-up promotion for a $5.99 video after I created an album and ordered a bunch of prints. I paid with credit card (order # 396135050) and was informed that I would be emailed the video file within 15 minutes---DIDN'T HAPPEN!!! The video is present in "My projects", but I have to download it from the website every time I view it. The download from your site is so slow that the streaming sucks, the video is broken into small pieces and absolutely useless. I need a copy of the video file mailed to me as promised. I have paid and it has not been delivered.

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