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User Reviews

Posted by Snapfish Value Pass

The Snapfish Value Pass program is a total

scam. I have been charged $14.95 a month automatically to my credit card. The total is now $553.15. I have never received an benefit or been contacted about this Value Pass program. I just forgot about it until m wife discovered the charge on our visa. I had signed up for the program to receive a $10 coupon which is the hook for the program. If you forget, you are charged $14.95 a month to be a member of this worthless Value Pass program. After calling and speaking with Ayaan, he said the Value Pass program was being evaluated by a Snapfish team.
we were refunded $44.85 and removed from the worthless Snapfish Value Pass program. When I complained about the lack of value they reviewed how I had signed up and received an email confirming my membership. I do not remember the email, it may have been in junk mail. This is a bad program and Snapfish should review its value to the customer and refund the money. They owe us a credit of $508.30.

Posted by Anonymous

I like the quality of Snapfish's photobooks, when I can manage to navigate its user-unfriendly site to create what I have in mind. The customer service is abysmal. It is all based in India; the reps write answers from scripts, which, while on the surface are in intelligible English, lack any context in relation to the actual problem you might be having. My LiveChat with a rep earlier this evening went as follows (edited for length):

You are now chatting with 'Rich S'
ME: The "delete page" tool for Photobooks does not seem to work. Each time I try to delete pages it adds pages instead. Can you explain how, exactly, to delete or add pages? ... Are you there?
RICH S: Yes. Sorry for the delay. Iím more than happy to assist you with your photobook.
ME: Where, exactly, must cursor be placed to delete pages? On the page number? Before/after the pages?
RICH S: I'll look at the book in your account.
ME: OK. It added pages each time I hit the "minus" sign.
RICH S: You should click on the page number after you lay out the entire book by clicking on the symbol with 9 small green rectangles.
ME: Well, I don't think that will work. I have been using the symbol you mention all along. That is a DISPLAY symbol, not an add/delete symbol. The green rectangles display the grids. They do not cause pages to add/subtract.
RICH S: Right. It will lay out all the pages, then you click the page number right above the page, then hover the mouse over the '+- pages' to delete either the left side or the right side.
ME: I will try it again, but I believe that is what I've been doing all along. ...
No, it does not work the way you say. In fact, pages continue to add.
RICH S: I'll get into your account to help.
ALLISON: I have made many photobooks on Snapfish. The instructions have never been clear enough. But this hasn't happened before. Could you please DELETE ALL PAGES that say "drag photo here"? I don't think that, even if you do it for me, it will be helpful, because unless it will also work for me I can't create the book.
RICH S: It will work if I do it. One moment please.
ME: I will have to try and reach someone by phone to see if they can walk me through the process. Please tell the "technical team" that the instructions ARE NOT CLEAR on how to add/delete. Unless I am able to do it myself, I can't create the book. Please send me a phone number for customer service. I will call later tonight or tomorrow.
RICH S: I'm sorry, we can only be reached by chat.
ME: What you are saying is untrue. I have reached Snapfish Customer Service by phone before. I have told you: unless I understand how to do it myself, it is not helpful. Please give me the phone number.
RICH S: I'm sorry, we don't have a number to give. We feel we respond quicker to customers via chat.
ME: That is simply untrue, unless phone support has been eliminated in the last few weeks.
RICH S: Is there anything else I can do for you?
Allison: No

Posted by unsatisfied

Their customer service is horrible. They won't give you a phone number that actually works not matter how many times you ask. I can only hope that the books I ordered turn out well. I will probably never order from Snapfish again.

Posted by Anonymous

Very Bad customer support not at all help full. i wasted 56$ by placing an order with snapfish.

Posted by Snapfish?

Customer support is non-existent. NONE of the FAQ's answer my question. I had to go to google to find a phone number to call, and when I did (5 times) I variably got: one ring, a long pause and a busy signal (three times) cut off completely (once) a recording that the number is not registered.

Gosh, I would like to order some pictures but, with no instructions on how to do it and no one to ask, I can't!

Thanks anyway.

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