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Sears Credit Card Support

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User Reviews

Posted by Disgusted

Sears service in one word - UNRESPONSIVE!!!! Ordered 2 bookcases on June 13 online, they were shipped on June 18 from San Diego, and were supposed to arrive June 26. We waited and waited to be contacted about delivery. We have made many phone calls, and the representatives had NO knowledge of our shipment. There are FIVE middlemen involved in this mess:: Martin Office Furniture, Home Direct, Cymax, MXD Group, and New England of Charlotte. Only Agent 1014 from New England was responsive. We will NEVER order anything online from Sears again. It has been a nightmare. Here's the only e-mail correspondence. WE EXPECT AN ANSWER FROM SEARS UPON RECEIPT OF THIS COMPLAINT!

Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 8:42 AM - From New England of Charlotte

We received a call this morning on the above waybill from the customer wanting to know why they have not received their delivery of the (2) bookcases that were ordered on 6/13. Can someone please let us know where the missing bookcase is located? These were retirement gifts for the customers. They are very upset that we cannot locate the missing bookcase. The customer also stated that she has called several people including HD. She was on hold with HD for a long period of time and then they hung up on her. She has not got an answer on where this is located. Please note that I have included the customer in on this email so she can be kept in the loop. She would like an answer today to where the bookcase is. Please see the scans below that are in the system. Please let me know ASAP.

- short Huntington Oxford Bookcases (item 2). Please do a dock search for the missing piece N ( Update ) Y

was listed on manIfest MXD119780 but did not check off trailer? Can you do a dock search for the missing pieces? (this is the bookcase that we received on 7/21. N ( Update ) Y
Close Memo: mehmood/cymax email: Hello, Could you please advise as to the status of PO VRC121-8434589? Tracking shows waybill # 6B5126 registered on 17 Jun 2014, but the item does not seem to be in transit. Could you please advise? Thanks for your time. Regards, Mehmood.S. Cymax Stores. I emailed for pick up eta. Y ( Update )

Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 3:02 PM - From New England and MXD Group

Ms. Morrison,

Please see the comment below that I received back from our Atlanta terminal. I am waiting on a response from Cymax. I just wanted to keep you updated

Thursday, July 24, 2014 1:42 PM - From MXD Group

Subject: RE: 6B5126 ***URGENT***URGENT***URGENT***

Good Afternoon,

ATX only received 1 bookcase of the Ontario California location and they sent that to you. The missing book case was never received from the shipper. I had ATX do a dock search for the missing bookcase but they do not have it. I also asked the Ontario location to do a dock search just in case it was actually shipped to them. That is all the info I can provide.


Karrie Marioth

Tried to send the following e-mail to Sears from the e-mail address given by a manager, Joseph #14445, who hang up on us after being on hold for 45 minutes!!!! He didn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t even know the correct address, and it came back.

Sears order was completed online on 6-13-14. It shipped 6-18 and was supposed to arrive 6-26. Started calling 7-11to find out where it is. Have made many phone calls with no satisfaction until we called New England of Charlotte 800-224-7192 and found out that one is in Charlotte, NC, 30 min. from us. I was on the phone on hold for 45 min. with Sears employee Joseph Ext. 14455, who did nothing and then hung up on me. I ended up talking to some foreigner Mosin and had to tell the entire story AGAIN. We want the one delivered immediately. Then Sears needs to send the other one within 24 hrs. or we demand a refund. We want a call from a Manager tomorrow morning Jay and Miriam Morrison

Posted by Anonymous

DO NOT buy appliances from Sears. We purchased a "brand new" Samsung refrigerator in July 2013, and it required a service call as it was not cooling within a month. Since then, the freezer part has broken, and we have had 4 total service calls. The freezer is not working AGAIN, and now they say the warranty is expired, so we would have to pay to have it fixed -- ALL when the problem has been apparent for nearly the full year!!! I wish there was a lemon law for appliances!! Sears has been NO help. Might as well have bought it on Craig's List for all the help Sears has been.

Posted by Mark

Sears National Customer Relations

Sears has really fallen, and it is sad.

On April 27, 2014, I placed an order for 3 ball bearings, for my ZTS7500 mower. A mower I paid over $2500.00 for. The order number was W199289, for part number with a Substitute part number . When I received the parts, they were wrong. The part number sent was 17897SM. This bearing is 1/16 of an inch too small all around, and the spacer required to go with this bearing will not fit inside it, and around the mower blade shaft.

On Monday, May 5, 2014, I called Customer Service, and the lady I spoke with, confirmed it was not the part I ordered. She proceeded to order the part number I gave her, and she read back to me, verbatim, the part number, and its substitute number. On Tuesday, May 6th, I left work early as the bearings showed as having been delivered. When I opened the package, gee, what a surprise, the SAME warehouse in TEXAS, sent me the SAME WRONG PART.

I called Customer Service, fuming at this point, and although the young lady in your call center, tried to help, an additional 3 day wait, for a part that you have gotten WRONG twice, was unacceptable, and I asked to speak to a Supervisor. This is where I encountered David.

As I explained to David the 3 days wait was not acceptable, he went immediately into a defensive, I don�t give

a _ _ _ _ mode. When I asked if you can overnight it to me on Monday, why can�t you do the same on Tuesday? He had no answer, and no empathy. He is without a doubt, the biggest waste of oxygen on the planet. David does not give a flying flip whether I shop at Sears ever again. And guess what, Mission Accomplished.

I have spent more than $15,000.00, over the last 30 years buying nothing but Craftsman tools. So loyal was I to Craftsman tools, I made my wife return a tool she bought from Lowes, and get a Craftsman. I have 3, 6� high rolling Stainless Steel Craftsman chests full of Craftsman tools. Not to mention the countless small Craftsman tool chests, and bags. Every piece of lawn equipment I have says Craftsman. Never again. I will never set foot inside a Sears again to purchase a single Sears product. And it is a shame, because another David, in tools, in your Castleton Square store in Indianapolis is, and has been, an absolute joy to buy from. He is smart, friendly, and goes way beyond to help. But it ends there. Your store employees are as rude, and unhelpful, as are your Customer Service Supervisors. Their lack of product knowledge simply amazes me.

Thank God I have the internet, and Lowes, and can bypass Sears all together.

With sad regrets,

Mark T. Thompkins

Posted by Rick

I am not very happy with Sears. The warranty that you have listed for my gas grill is worthless. You want to charge me $96.00 to let me know that my burners are rusted out even though it supposedly has a 10 year burner replacement. What a joke. I didn't even get 4 years out of them before they started to rust. I know why you guys are about to go out of business, horrible customer service, and even worse products.

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to order Craftsman table saw and other power tools on your website that was labeled 50% off but when I went to the checkout as quoted by sears forum but the discount price will not take effect.

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