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User Reviews

Posted by Upset with SBC Global

My website is down as well, and we are loosing business as a result. We are a small company, and we can't even host our website through a different hosting company because they have our URL, and we can't get it back without talking to someone there apparently. Needless to say I will never use any Comcast product ever again. They can go to (insert profanity here) for all I care.

Posted by calipygio

What the hell is the MATTER wth ATT and SBCglobal? ATT has been my Internet provider for more than 5 years and I've had a package deal with them for more than a year after I decided to get TV and phone service too. Then, about a week ago, I stopped getting email at my SBCglobal email address. I sent myself some email from my Yahoo email address and received a response notice that my SBCglobal account had been either closed or suspended. So I called ATT and neither the person I spoke to initially, nor her supervisor could find a way to help me. So, even though my bill had been paid, I now apparently have lost all my stored email at SBCglobal. And from what I can see, quite a few other ATT customers are having this same problem. I will never do business with this company again.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst service ever. Called, took forever with their automated system/operator. Got transferred and hung up on. What a lame company.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service rep Melody (MM138V) was extremely helpful! After days of trying to get a problem resolved, she is the only one the provided real service.

Besides the above person, service from ATT is beyond horrible.

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