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  • How to reach a live person:
    • At the voice operated menu, say "Talk to a representative" and then say the name of the service for the type of department you want. It usually helps to say the name of the service("Wireless" for cell phones and data devices, "Cable" for TV services, etc.) before saying "talk to a representative". Pressing 0 a bunch of times may get you to someone, but it always results in you having to be transferred sometimes several times.
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    • 24/7
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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

On Friday july 18, I added a $5 texting add-on and a $15 data plan using "chat". The person I was working with knew I was using a BlackBerry phone but added the non blackberry plan which did not work. Today (7/19)I added the blackberry data plan and deleted the other one using your application. In the process the texting addon was removed. I don't see where I Got a credit for the removable of the wrong data plan or the texting plan. I couldn't figure out how use the program as it looked like it was going to add another texting plan can someone please call me, (since I can't find a telephone number for you to TALK to))

Posted by Anonymous

I made several changes today to my wireless plan, & in the process my account was changed from paper to paperless . I want to continue to receive my paper invoice (with NO service charge)

George Armstrong

Posted by Anonymous

Rogers service here at our house has been extremely slow. I called today because my daughter received an email from Rogers stating that we were over in our usage. I wanted to increase to unlimited. Rogers did not send ME the email as the primary person responsible for the account and I therefore wanted to have a credit. The individual on the phone was unable to problem solve this for me and couldnt tell me who I could speak to about this. He said he can change my usage but cant credit my account. I asked who would know...he said he didnt know. I asked if he had a billing department. He told me he was billing. I suggested a supervisor. He said he didnt know what that would do. I asked for a supervisor again. I am currently on hold waiting and I am disgusted by this type of service. There is a solution to every problem. His name is Aaron. His tone of voice to my inquiry was interpreted by me as "really are you kidding me, what do you expect me to do" Listen to it as it is taped. it is currently 12:18 pm on Saturday June 14.

Posted by Shalamar

After googling my name I discovered a phone number attached to my name but the number was not mine. A little more googling and I found it was a number with Rogers. After much searching I found a number to call Rogers who then gave me a number for their fraud dept. I called the fraud number who then informed me that there was over $12000 owing on the number attached to my name and required the address I lived at in 2004(10 yrs ago) for some reason. After explaining that I could not remember and have no idea how I could get that information they offered no other explanation and hung up on me. What kind of customer service or fraud prevention service is that? Now what do I do?

Posted by Anonymous

Despite numerous attempts and numerous assurances by Rogers agents, no one has been able to make the automatic top up program work for me. It's left me helpless and frustrated at least one every month. Just to be sure, Rogers is a communications company isn't it..??? I mean, I could understand it if you were a tricycle manufacturer.

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