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Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to use Quickbooks for my company. I was given the WINDOWS software download file (I have a Mac), and then called customer service to correct the mistake. After service dial-a-number prompts, I was finally connected to someone who patched on to my computer via 123rescue.com. He took a look at my specs: version, memory, etc and provided me the following instructions:
- Upgrade my computer to necessary version (done)
- Be best to send me the software to install. (shipped)

To my dismay, he sent me a WINDOWS CD. My computer is a MAC and does not have a disk drive. Something he should have know given he's tour around my computer, and the fact that he was a MAC technician.

I then call customer service again was transferred from WINDOWS to MAC rep, to a sales rep, finally to a technician... but promptly disconnected once connected.

I call again. Several dial-in's later, I get to a person. She soon discovers that I do not have enough memory for the newest version and recommends the ONLINE version... transfer to ONLINE sales.

That is when I gave up, asked for a refund and utilizing another software tool where customer service is a priority.

Posted by Totally Frustrated

Why is my life at the mercy of a limited English speaking call center in the Philippines? I have to spell and re-spell words and numbers again and again until they get it right. When they cannot answer they "transfer" you to another department which means they hang up. I have not been rude or impatient which will get me nowhere. All I am trying to do is legitimately transfer a license. The form you request to be completed does not transmit. I was asked to print it and email it. Receipt was acknowledged, but issue still has not been resolved. Have spent a week calling and have to start from scratch every time!
There is a severe lack of expertise and communication and something should be done about it.
Are the percentage of complaints too little to worry about?

Posted by asher

almost impossible to get any technical support over the phone (unless you pay of-course special fees)
the worst customer service I have ever encountered.
need advice for other software

Posted by judgejudyt

This is the worst company that I have ever had to deal with bar none. Intuit cares absolutely nothing about the customer.

Posted by Pezz

One of the worst companies...Period. Forget about ANY customer support. Forget about a company having any ethics.

While use of online access through intuit products was free, banks are required to pay a licensing fee to Intuit if they wish to allow their customers the ability to download financial data in the Quickbooks format.

In 2007, Intuit lobbied to make sure taxpayers cannot electronically file their tax returns directly to the IRS by negotiating a deal that has the IRS promising not to set up its own Web portal for e-filing.

In 2009, the Los Angeles Times reported that Intuit spent nearly $2 million in political contributions to eliminate free online state tax filing for low income residents in California.

Posted by BGPX

Horrible Customer support. It's hard to get help if you need it, and when you do they don't speak English. QB's online service is a complete waste of money for MAC users. Checks don't print correctly, and lots of connection issues. You need to install a different browser (Chrome) to operate with LESS problems, than Safari.


This is by far the absolute WORST "Customer Service / Support" system I have ever had to deal with !!!!
Initially attempting to activate our purchased PAYROLL subscription took over 1 hour.
Today I have been trying to confirm the order status for checks and attempting to clarify "WHY" we are unable to access our "Account" - not accepting User Id and Password.
I HAVE BEEN ON THE PHONE FOR OVER 4 HOURS - keep getting transferred back and forth with no resolution to the simple request - "Why can't I access my account?"
If I had know this, I would never have considered the purchase of QUICKBOOKS !!

Posted by Quickbooks fails

I called today with two very simple questions and the rep I got was only concerned with upgrading my software. I was already prepared to make the change as my business has changed but felt uncomfortable with how aggresive he became to "get my card". He repeated that so often where it seemed shady "just give me your card". I had to let him go since my 3 kids got home and it was nearing dinner. He became more aggresive and told me to give him my card number and he will do everything. Unfortunately, I had to hang up on him since he didn't stop talking about getting my card information. In the hour that passed, he called me 6 times !!!!!! I didn't pick up since I was in the middle of dinner. I couldn't believe it. This is harassment and the worst customer service I have experienced. I will not buy another product from quickbooks. Perhaps I'll reconsider when they restructure their customer service. Terrible.

Posted by 1st time g'ma

I have to say that QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 is quite possibly the worst accounting software that I have encountered in quite some time! It does NOT work in the server/multi-user environment. Do NOT purchase this software if you have more that one user at any time as it will not work consistently!!!

Posted by CG03026

23 minutes on hold. Representative basically just read from her script and no matter what I said he repeated from the script. She made no sense. Answers not on point.

All that, not to mention the language barrier. When I explained that I was not only not understanding her content, but that I was also struggling with her English and asked to speak to a "native" English speaker, she hung up on me. WORTHLESS. They are billing me for support for a product I don't even have!

And she tries to defend it!!

Posted by Anonymous

I need to know if quickbooks item number has the capability to do payrrol?

Posted by Anonymous

I Am On Hold For Over An Hour!!!
Still Holding
Ask For Technical Support I Was Transfer 3 Times

Posted by asiajoye

I have been trying to talk with someone all day about a charge on my credit card on an item that i didn't order and no one ever calls back even though the recording says it will. This is the worst customer service I have ever heard or received. This is a negative and I will contact the BBB about getting the charge off my card. If you feel you want at this time to help me contact me . Joye

Posted by Mom of 3

Have a charge on credit card statement. Not showing in my history. Been 45 minutes trying to get a "live" person to find out what charge is for. The customer service at Intuit gets a zero from me. Absolutely Ridiculous

Posted by SnowMan

Regarding "Quickbooks Online":
Their "Support" is not really "support". Their accounting methods, (whatever they are), are either totally their own, unknown, or their "support people" have no idea how to explain them. Coming from proper double entry accounting, I needed to properly map my chart of accounts to their accounting. I thought that a simple call with their "support" would solve this, yet the only thing that call did was show me that if anyone knows accounting with the "quickbooks online team", they likely do NOT work for their "support" department!
I was given wrong and completely dangerous accounting advice by this "support" person 3 different times. BEWARE! They are the best for web-based accounting, but their methods are NOT the same as double-entry accounting in Sage Accounting/Simply Accounting. I wasted 2 years of business bookeeping with Quickbooks 13 years ago, and I am thankful that I only wasted 2 days this time!

Posted by Anonymous

impossible to talk to a human.... the worst customer service I have ever seen... last time I ever buy your product.

Posted by Sam

The customer service is the worst. Calls are transferred overseas. For this reason, I am looking into other accounting programs.

Posted by Anonymous

I have gone through the menu three times and I keep getting sent back to the beginning. You suck.

Posted by PowDeb

AWFUL EXPERIENCE trying to update software for multi-user system. Called for a simple problem and some woman named Kirti was so condescending and nasty!!! Wasted about 45 minutes to 1 hour of my time (while my bookkeeper sat waiting) for something that should have been a two minute resolution.



Posted by snuffer

Your customer support is an absolute JOKE. I needed a simple answer concerning the install of a second copy of Quick Books Pro 2012. Not only was I not able to get any type of answer, the "support rep" had no idea on how to resolve my issue. You folks tout your product and support as being very good. As far as I can your product is good, but only as good as your support.

Posted by Anonymous

I think it would be a less painful experience to let water drip on my head for 2 hours than to talk to another person in the Philippines to resolve ANY kind of issue regarding Quickbooks. The people at Intuit are a bunch of idiots if they think this kind of customer support is useful at all. What a total waste of time. I spent 2 hours today just trying to get them to understand that I simply wanted to change some company information in there system (after THEY messed it up to begin with) because they CANNOT make out what I am saying. NOR can I understand them!!! And they always sound so damn chipper. So nice! AhHHHHHHHHH. The language barrier is exhausting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get it right Intuit!!! Wake up!

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service ever. I can't help you, call this number, I can't help call this number. I just did. Pay this. Upgrade this. 3 days later still not working. Can't find anyone who speaks clearly and don't even think about finding someone in the US... Terrible!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I've been on hold for 15 minutes and 38 seconds so far just to ask about the product.

No thanks!

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a tutorial to see if this product is something I would suggest to my company to invest in. Right out of the gate, I was told it was a one time charge. I had to pay to learn about their product. Ok.?!!?? Did that. Then I was reassured that it would be a one time charge. Ya think!?

I couldn't get passed the downloading process hardly and got stuck with it asking me about my company license number/information of which it needed to move forward with my tutorial....Ok. I don't have that! Duh.

Been on hold for almost 32 minutes trying to cancel my tutorial...and the MONTHLY fee of $29.95 per month on my company credit card. What BS!!


Posted by Anonymous

The worst customer service EVER. Problem still not resolved. My problem is not an uncommon issue and the idiots in tech service act like they have never heard of anything like my problem. I hate them. They do not have command of the Rnglish language. I was on the phone repeating myself for 4 hours with no resolution. They sent my issue to another department and told me they would get back to me via email. The email began with: you case were forwarded...... And ended with a request for information that I had already emailed them. They asked me to: please revert this email. When you get his kind of stuff in writing you know you are in trouble!

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