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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

on star is the best it has helped my family out of a jam numerous of times especially when i am miles away from them and cant get there thanks gmc for putting this in your vehicles it has save me money and time

Posted by bill44041

I have had on star since 2006, came with my monte carlo. other than the phone I have used the service two time. once with a tire. on star kept me on line from 30 mins, (of my air time), not to worry they gave me 90 free mins. tire fixed back on the road in 45 mins. 2nd time was wife locked keys in car. on star had her on the road in 5 mins. pick up my new Malibu Monday, with 6mos on star. I think on star is great. I will be using it for the next 8 yeas. sorry others are having problems. I give it 10 stars.

Posted by Anonymous

OnStar performed as stated and I was very pleased. New vehicle did not have OnStar cancellation was easy and friendly. Will purchase OnStar again if available in next vehicle.

Posted by fastgmc

I bought a new Camaro in August 2013. It came with onstar for 6 months. When I set it up they told me they were having trouble communicating with my call but they would take care of it even talked me into buying more hands free minutes. Problem is they never took care of it. When i call the advisor can not help with technical issues. Someone will call me or I can call back. This has been going on since August. How does this place stay in business? This is by far the worst customer service I have ever received from any company on any product or service.

Posted by darrellb

Bought my camaro in August. Been trying to get onstar to work ever since. Ever time I call that person cant help. Someone will call me or call back. I don't know how they stay in business. Customer service is terrible!

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OnStar customer service news

Shanghai OnStar reaches 600000 subscribers

On July 10, Shanghai OnStar was named the 2012-2013 Best customer service Management Team by the China Information Association and China Association of Trade in Service. It was the second consecutive time that Shanghai OnStar received the honor ...

GM rolls out OnStar on some cars in Mexico

GM also has opened a call center in Mexico to provide directions, vehicle information and emergency services to consumers in that market. The company declined to say where the call center is located and how many employees work there, citing security ...

Opel sorgt mit OnStar für mehr Sicherheit

Wer beispielsweise medizinische Hilfe benötigt, der kann sich durch Druck des Notrufknopfes mit dem call center verbinden lassen und sich dort entsprechend weiterhelfen lassen. Aber OnStar bietet noch mehr. So lassen sich über eine App auch zahlreiche ...

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