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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

On the afternoon of June 23, we encountered a dust storm on Interstate 10 in Western New Mexico. The visibility went to zero in seconds, and we struck a van stopped in our driving lane. Fortunately we had slowed to about 35 mph, but still had a crash. The air bags deployed and within seconds an OnStar representative was on the line and inquired if we were injured and if we needed assistance. We did not suffer serious injuries, and an Border Patrol Officer who had witnessed the accident had already called for help. The OnStar representative was very calming and reassuring, especially for my wife who was very frightened and in some pain. She stayed on the line for a long time, keeping in touch with everything that was happening. We do not want to be without OnStar every again.

Posted by Thomas

Yesterday June 13th/2014 I saw OnStar in action.Wow! Just like you say in your advertising. I witnessed a crash at 12th avenue and Ontario Street Vancouver B. C. Canada at about 2:40 pm between your client, a lady by the name of Machu and another vehicle. I parked my bike to go to assist her. The safety airbags had deployed of course, and by the time I was at her door OnStar was conversing and reassuring her that emergency vehicles were on their way. I interacted with your operator as well, as the driver was shaken up and slightly disoriented to have a coherent conversation. All details considered, I had to write to you with kudos. I will retell this story to others. It is nice to see honesty, integrity and competence in a service offered today. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Thomas Fahey Vancouver, B.C.

Posted by Phil

OnStar customer service doesn't seem to know anything about how their system works. I've called repeatedly to have them turn off the text messaging (that alerts me when my volt is fully charged); they stated that it will take 3 to 5 business days (!!) to click a simple button. I asked to speak with a supervisor; the placed me on hold and never came back. Even though I had given them my cell number in case we were cut off, after 3 days I've heard nothing (and their system keeps texting me when the car reaches full charge (usually about 3:30 in the morning). Terrible customer service from OnStar!

Posted by Anonymous

Called to cancel Service because I sold the Car. I Purchased A New car for my Wife. Was then told I had to have her call to cancel the service that I pay the bill on.Not to mention that I was the one that originally had the service connected for use. Therefore the couple that purchased my car that I traded in on the new one now have free on star services that are still in my name.This gentleman called me to ask questions about the trade in.Yesterday he calls and states that we need to meet so we can have you cancel your on star so we can have it put in our name???
Know I also sent a email to On Star asking for the service to be cancelled ...I have not received anything back from customer service regarding the Email. If this could have been taken care of the first time I called they all would be well. I don't believe the new auto will get On Star,due to the simple fact that having this service stopped is a time consuming matter ,that doesn't have to be.
Ron and Kathie Paynter

Posted by Twila

I have cancelled my onstar account and do not want to renew it.

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OnStar customer service news

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Todos son jóvenes de entre 18 y 20 años y trabajan en un call center de la división OnStar de General Motors, el servicio de consejería, asistencia en carretera y navegación, que atraviesa una transformación importante gracias a la conexión 4G LTE.

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