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User Reviews

Posted by Laurel

I am very disappointed that the Office Max at 72nd and Dodge no longer permits customers to use the restroom facilities. Can't cater to the customer the ypu don't need my business.

Posted by Anonymous

The WORST ever!!!!!! Do not shop or order from them. There is a reason they have low prices. You get what you pay for. I ordered a laptop that seemed to be a great deal. 1-3 day shipping, etc. Right after ordering I find out I could have gotten a better deal if I had use my American Express. I tried to change tender, they wouldn't let me. The order did not process yet and we are on day 3 already, the "customer service center" tells me this is MY mistake!!!!! It "should" ship today, but it is already noon and as far as I see it if they couldn't get it done by noon it isn't getting done at all.... Oh yeah, then they tell me it will take another 3 to 4 days to get to me. Thats terrific since I need it by a certain day for a gift so now I am going to end up returning this one and going out and spending the money on ANOTHER one. One thing I can GUARANTEE it will NOT be from OfficeMax. "Max" rip off, "Max" horrible service (or terrific lack of as this seems to be more what they are striving for). "Max" upset customer :( I wonder if they train their associates on the way to be "Max" inefficient!!!!!!!!

Posted by Richard Eisman

I have a Failed Epson 800 xp printer. Office Max sold it with a warrantee.Epson replaced it 3x.It still does not work.Epson says they will not provide a refund only that they will send a 4th machine.
Office Max says my $40. warrantee won't be available
until March of 2014.
Customer service rating for OFFICE MAX is 1 on a 5 scale.One being the lowest.

Posted by Anonymous

I was a customer in the store when the customer was trying to return the file boxes on Feb. 13,2013. Yes she had a receipt, but the receipt did not match the items being returned. The manager on duty tried several times to return the items with the receipt provided, but was unable too. To make a long story short, the customer got very angry and cussed at the Mgr. trying to make the refund. Another mgr. stepped in to take over. The customer continued to yell and cuss at him and threw some small plastic boxes at him. Told him to give her receipt back and that she was going to report him to the home office. She left in a huff cussing as she went. It made me feel bad that your employees have to endure such treatment. I shop Office Max 319 all the time and will continue to shop there.

Posted by Anonymous

Office Max in Elizabeth City, NC has the WORST customer service I have ever encountered in my life.
I went to return some items within the 30 days of purchase. I had my receipt which clearly showed what I was returning (4 of the same thing, different colors).
Because they did not have the bar codes on two of the items I was told I could only return TWO of them. I was also told there would be a 15% restocking fee for 4 file boxes!
I tried to resolve the issue for 30 minutes to no avail. The bar codes were on the shelf where the merchandise was and the employees
could not seem to figure out how to do the return! IT WAS ON THE RECEIPT!

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