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    • Just keep pressing "#" until they give up and transfer you. Took me about 10 times.
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Customer Support

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User Reviews

Posted by [email protected]

My old card -do I have fly points from when I traveled business 2001

Ms Sandra L Lee

Posted by Anonymous

I Have Been Tryng To Retreive A Toll Free Number For Northwest Airlines Cargo, And All That Keeps Comming Up Is A Phone Number For Delta Airlines, What Gives

Posted by mare

My friend and I just made our reservations to fly from ogg to sea on may 9th 2012 today. I flew to ogg in feb 2011 and ret to sea may 2011 and back to ogg nov 2011. I checked 2 dogs into cargo both times. I am now returning on may 9th and cannot take my two dogs back on the same flight. I had to book two flights, whereas my friend goes earlier in the day to sea with one dog and I go later with the other. This may seem like no big deal to you guys, however, It is actually a huge hassle for us. We have to make two seperate trips to the airport for one, and then instead of arriving at sea at the same time now we have to book a hotel and wait for the other person to arrive many hours later. I live 5 and a half hrs away from seatac and my friends ticket was more expensive than the flight we were going to take together. I was told that the rule for pets in cargo had changed on aug 2011, however I was able to fly with both dogs in nov 2011 to ogg. I was told to try booking with Hawaiian airlines, however I use alaskan miles and the flight and the cost of flying the dogs is way more on Hawaiian, it is actually more than double to take the dogs on Hawaiian. I spoke to another alaska rep that said no problem when I asked to reserve for two dogs, then she was denied when putting it through to cargo. I was also told to contact cargo directly to book two dogs, when I spoke with them, they said book one dog and then call back 20 days before your flight and see about booking the other dog in cargo. If I call and find out that I can bring the both dogs on my original flight, now my friend is still having to go back many hours earlier. Our intention of traveling together is for him to assist me with the dogs and our luggage. My dogs are small and are in the smallest dog carriers allowed, they weigh less than 20lbs with the carrier, and I dont see why I cannot reserve space for both dogs. I feel my dogs will be more stressed to fly seperately as they are always together and have flown together every time I have gone back and forth to hawaii. I pay quite a lot of money to alaska going back and forth to Hawaii let alone the cost of traveling with the two dogs. I think this is a huge inconvienience for me, my friend, and for my animals. Last yr when I was flying, I was also told that only one animal per person flying was allowed and therfore I enlisted my friend to fly with me so that I could have another person accompany the animal on their ticket. When I got to the airport the representative told me that I could have taken both dogs on my ticket, therfore my friend did not even need to bear the expense of flying with me to seatac in order to escort the dog on his reservation. I would like for my friend and I to be able to fly on the same flight and be able to take both of my dogs home on the same flight. I would like to know if something can be waived so that this can happen, and it needs to happen asap so that if so, my friend can actually get a reservation change to get him on the same flight with me. We both have purchased trip protection and hope that something more creative can be done in this case. I spend a lot of money on Alaska and having pets to fly is a huge extra expense, and they do not recieve any frequent flyer miles. It is also insane that the cost of checking a pet is so much more than checking a bag, considering that the dogs go into cargo, just like a piece of luggage. My conformation# is KISYWA, I hope there is someone rational there that can see what a hassle that this situation has created for me now and for all of my future trips to and from seattle to maui, where I travel to once or twice a year. Thank you for your considerate regard to this issue. Mare Nemeth

Posted by drew

thanks to jill in cargo/pet first, she helped me when no other airline would bother to help us ship a puppy to the united states from canada. Jill you rock and you deserve a major raise. txs. canada

Posted by Anonymous

You have a customer by the name of Cyndy S. Howes/Dinwiddie who has been getting the run around in Lagos Nigeria. She was told today that the fare for Lagos to DFW was 1360 originally and because Lybias leader was killed this past week that the fare is now 1810 and I am sure that you aren't doing this to am American citizen without a really good reason. She has been trying to get back to the states for over a year and has had one thing after another stop her from being with her future husband! Please tell me that it is now the policy of NWA to raise fares and stop someone who was once put on an incorrect flight and was sent to Manila in the Philippines from Lagos when she was supposed to be on her way back to the U.S., but because of a bad attendant who has since lost her job, my future wife is now being told that she has to pay her own fare and that it has gone up to 1810 from 1360 and that because of NWA's mistake she has to bear the brunt of the fare! If this is in fact NWA's policy then you will hear from my congressman and the FAA and a whole host of people who will want to know why you would do this to an American Citizen!

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