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Customer Service

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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press 7 for a Nissan rep
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    • Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm Local Time
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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

Traded by jeep liberty for a nissan altima 2002 w/121000 miles .for reasons jeep was pricey for gas. I see these cars all over .but i gave my jeep and 2000 cash .didnt want car pmts. But i have in one month spent ovet 1000 for repairs and now looking at anothrt 1000 for the catal converter. I work pt and cant keep throwing money out thevdoor. Nissan you should recall all cars they are besytiful body style but in this economy who can afford repsirs. I hate this car ann. I think i rather walk then have to worry what next

Posted by Mad Max

Please Read!!! helllpppp!!!! The CVT transmission in my Nissan Rogue has completely failed and almost got me and my two cjhildren killed on 95 when it overheated and failed to shift or engage.
Nissans answer will complete and utter lack of custmore service ALARM YOU! PLEASE READ!
1. The problem accured twice and I was charged incorrectly $640 by Nissan of Annpolis and the problem was obviously not fixed.
Was able to drive the Car to Priority Nissan in Richmond where they would not give my a rental car because I was from "out of state".
2. I was had to incure the cost of a hotel room and wait to secure a rental car from a outside vender the next day with no assistance what so ever from Nissan.
3. I was told that my car would be ready Monday and cut my vacation short only to find it was not ready.
4. Over a week later and I am still driving the rental car and paying out of pocket!
5. I have called Nissan customer service 7 times and they simply read of script and are of virtually no help at all. Inf act the best answer someone can read off script is that someone will call me back on Monday. It Thursday and well over a week into this!!!!!
6. Nissan of Annapolis says they don't have any cars to loan right now and this is my second time calling them.
DO NOT BUY A NISSAN! If something happens I hope you maintain a couple thousand in your checking account! I better be reimbursed! In the short term I plan on steering each and every person I know as far away from purchasing a Nissan as I can. UGH!

Posted by Anonymous

NISSAN SUCKS!!!!! They OBVIOUSLY DENY ALL CLAIMS, Do not bother thinking that they are going to help you. They are "very sorry" but they have no intentions of doing a darn thing for you. They will continue to take your payment that you are bound to contractually and do nothing to provide you with a suitable vehicle. Try driving a car with a BROKEN TRANSMISSION in 8 inches of snow for 2 years before they bother trying to fix it. We had it into the shop SOOOOO many times before they even bothered hooking it up to their computer to see the code that equates to an automatic new transmission. I probably wouldn't be this angry if I wasn't driving around in this death trap for 2 years already!!! THIS IS THE WORST SYSTEM/ CAR COMPANY ON EARTH!!! They do not care about their customers and they do not care that their vehicles are unsafe. THEY WILL BASICALLY STEAL YOUR MONEY. YOU WILL HAVE TO KEEP PAYING EVEN THOUGH THEIR PRODUCT WAS NEVER PROPERLY FUNCTIONING!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Love the car hate the company!!!! Brought a 2014 rouge jan 30 Nissan took feb 15 payment out of my checkin acct on my 2012 rouge now l am told can't get payment back!!! Bad business in my book!!!

Posted by angry knoxville customer

My husband snd I purchased a new 2014 Versa Note at the end of February and it already needs a new transmission. I have had the worst customer service from the dealership as well as Nissan corp. They have not even been willing to get us a rental vehicle
I was told they would "try" to get us reimbursement. This is ridiculous!! Needless to say I am so angry and will never purchase a Nissan and will discourage anyone else from doing the same!

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