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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press 7 for a Nissan rep
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    • Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm Local Time
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User Reviews

Posted by whitehairedward

Terry sale person at nissan at west hillbrough. He did everthing to get us aprove for us , and he did a great job for all of the cars he help us to get aprove for. He a nice and kind sale person for nissan. My name is edward ray whitehair, everything i say here is ture

Posted by harleymarty2010

I now own 3 Nissan vehicles. A 2006 Pathfinder, a 2010 Versa, and a brand new Juke Nismo. Very fine vehicles indeed. I'm getting to know the in's and out's of the Juke. The other day, while driving, I needed to clear my windshield. So I used my window washer on the windshield. It was aimed very low on the windshield, which only hit the bottom four inches of the windshield. The top of the windshield hadn't got any of the fluid on it, which smeared quit badly. I took it to my dealership, they told me they can't do anything about it. REALLY? $31,100 VEHICLE, and they can't aline the washer. I want this corrected! They told me, because it's plastic, and molded, it's not able to re-aim them. How does Nissan, put a washer nozzle not of the eyeball type, so they can be adjusted? You needed to come up with replacements for this. They checked an other Juke on the lot, and it was worse than mine. Nissan needs to recall this ASAP!

Posted by usha nathan

I bought a 2014 Altima on first week of June, 2014, within 3 weeks I have the low pressure tire sign coming on, filled tire twice, did not hold the air. took it to the service station, they said it was a nail and they plugged the hole. my concern is why did a brand new car have such a substandard set of tires, which would leak with a small nail, secondly why did the service station plug the hole instead of patching. now I have a brand new car with a plugged tire.
I have been a customer of Nissan for the last 24yrs. this is my fourth Nissan vehicle. I have bought. I had good experience so far, that is the sole reason I continued to stay with Nissan.
what is the next step, I should take to get a good and dependable set of tires?
please advice.
Usha Nathan

Posted by Anonymous

I would to thank Danny in Blytheville , AR Nissan Service Department for his concern and the steps he goes beyond to give customer satisfaction. On Saturday, June 14 2014 my 2009 Nissan Altima stopped on me and had to be tow there Monday. I arrived there 7:25 am with car on tow truck before opening at 7:30am. Danny came out with the biggest smile and welcome us there with encouragement that we will gladly take care of you . This is what customers need on their arrival and this is what bring us back on our departure. I have watched this fine man in the past and I can't speak on all.others. However, the first word comes out of anyone mouth when you have contact about going there for service is" isn't that a nice friendly guy who work in that department. " Thank you Danny, and you have changed my heart about Carlock Nissan in Blytheville ,and I look forward coming back and buying my next Nissan car there. Danny ' s love & concern brings us BACK!! Please let him know ..

Posted by mike

I would like to thank the Nissan assembly workers on the Titan line at Canton, MS. Especially the front end guys, My Titan PRO4X was built 10/13. Thanks for not screwing the hood down properly, and not installing a clip on the grill, but most of all thanks for stripping out the headlight screw and just leaving it with no screw! Of course I could blame the dealer but why should I, they didn't assemble it! Now my rearview monitor, rear sonar and reverse lights are out. It feels really great to buy an American made truck with a sticker price of almost $46k and to have all these problems within 2 months of ownership. I work hard for my money and I am sure all the Canton, MS. workers due to, but if you don't take pride in your work then you shouldn't be there. If you don't put out a quality product then no one is going to buy it and it will reflect in the reputation of the plant!

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