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User Reviews

Posted by dtira

I purchased the D3200 on black friday as a Christmas gift. After reviewing my pictures after the first day of use on Christmas I noticed a spot on all images. Since I had two lenses I went to switch to the other lense and the mirror fell right out of the camera. Since it was past the 30 day store warranty I had to send in for service. The first service order I received said this was covered under warranty, 2 weeks later I received a revised estimate for $375. I called to see why I'm being charged since it is brand new and still under warranty. The horribly rude customer service girl told me that I damaged the camera and if I want it fixed I need to pay it or else they will just send it back to me broken. I asked to speak with a supervisor or a technical person so I could understand how I could have damaged the camera, my request was denied. She just kept repeating that I "Damaged" the camera, she finally said that she would request a re-review, but she lied, when I went on the Nikon website to review the repair status the notes say that I called just to get the status. I am terribly disappointed in Nikon, this is my first expensive camera and I can not afford to get it fixed, I saved up just to afford the camera. The purpose of this camera was to take pictures of my children playing their sports, since I have been with out this camera for 2 months I purchased a pocket sized Cannon and I am so happy with it. I will never by Nikon again and I will definately be posting this horrible experience on every website that I can. Since this incident I have spoken with several people and I don't believe they will be purchasing Nikon either. STAY AWAY FROM NIKON, the warranty means nothing.

Posted by Bajrang Jat

P530... It's sucks. This week I brought Nikon P520. The camera is good with so many features but After taking photos, if I press Playback button to look my pics and now if I want take more pics, so if I press shutter-release button or Playback button, i can't take anymore photo.....I have to shutdown d camera n have to on it again....that's very bad. I'm not happy vd it. I'm working on cruises ship, we r not going anymore San Diego, California ( from where I brought ). I don't know what to do...Is there any solution ?

Posted by superdave008

"Unprofessional And Laissez Faire"
I Bought A New Nikon Camera Which I saved Up For Quite Awhile. I Used The Camera For 11 Months And It Developed A Problem, With A 1 Year Warranty. Before The Year Was Up, I Sent It In To Customer Service As Instructed.

1. I Contacted U, By Email And By Phone. Send The Camera Along With The Warranty And Purchase Receipt. Which I Did.
Carefully Wrapped And Insured .
2. You Sent The Camera Back . With The Paperwork.the Camera Was Rattling Around In The Package !

Very Unprofessional! No Wrapping Unsecured In The Box.

3. Requesting Paperwork That I Sent And Customer Service Wrote On The ????.

4. I Called Again . Now The Camera Has A Dent In It ,from Your Poor Customer Service! You Called Me For 3 Months Requesting The Warranty And Paperwork. Which You Had All Of The Time. When Calling Each Time You Verified Having The Paperwork.

Then Called Back 3 Days Later Requesting The Warranty And Receipt Again!

Then "finally" You Responded Saying It Was Out Of Warranty.

5. I,m Now Shopping For A New Camera.

6. I,m Sending The Camera Back To You The Right Thing To Do Would Be Replace It Especially Since It Was Sent Back With No Care Or Attention To Wrapping Or Protection. Enclosed With A Detailed Description Along With A Time Line Of Events.

Posted by Anonymous

Almost a year ago purchased the d7000, and within 10 days got a survey about the camera. Since it was in middle of holidays, I had not taken more than a few
pictures. I just read all reviews on it and my comments are I use my cell more than the camera if I want to depend on getting pictures. This is my 4 th N., I am an amature and am going to switch back to Cannon. I am taking pics that don't record, the off/on ackward, not as simple
when a pic appears, is a two handed affair to turn on compared to clicking on/off of canon in one second. I took this last year to my annual months and useded coolpix Nikon for quicker camera to start, or cell. Think I only took a few hundred pics, and used other cameras for dependability. I'm sorry I gave away my canon, still have old nikons but frustration of nikon has lost its luster. Suggest the survey come out after a few months, so I had honest feed back. Have this week resumed with it and 4 pics did not record. Back to cell and coolpix.

Posted by Soy

I have a nikon coolpix s4100 camera its brand new but i had a problem beacuse the battery will not charge , do you have a quality control in yuor company its seem this kind of problem was the most ask question of your customer. Why

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Nikon to replace defective D600 cameras

After state broadcaster CCTV's program criticized Nikon for selling defective products and poor customer service, the firm now plans to replace defective D600 cameras within three months, said the council. “As a multinational company, Nikon should take ...

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