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User Reviews

Posted by barbara

This Used Tobe A Good Company But They Are Slowly Going Down The Tubes Even Walmart Are Not Carrying Net 10 Anymore And I Dont Bla Me Them Net 10 Has Got To Be The Sorriet Company Now I Have Ever Delt With And Will Not Be Dealing With Them Anymore And If People Had Any Sense They Would Not Either

Posted by Anonymous

You send me emails saying I can add time and it will start when my current time expires. But if I add time it starts right away.

Posted by Anonymous

This is the second month in a row you people disconnected my phone after i paid my bill. Real convenient how you cant reach customer service once you have disconnected the phone. Net10 is the sorriest phone company i have ever been with. Last month when you disconnected my phone you changed the number i had for over 10 years and it took me hours on the phone to correct. This time sense you idiots didn't apply my payment i can't even reach you all to fix it cause i don't have the air time i purchased. This will be the last month i will be with net10 and I will inform any and everyone i know how your stinking rotten company is. Seems to be common practice for wireless companies to screw people in any way they can.

Posted by Anonymous

Net ten is garbage, plain and simple. from the coverage to the customer service. i'm quite sure they will go the way of the dinosaur.

Posted by Frugal

So far Net 10 has been an acceptable alternative to contract phones. I like that I can bring my iPhone ( not interested in using Android ) and I find with my wifi access, I'm able to use the lower data package for app usage away ( map reading, or internet based apps ) with little problem. It's not the best, some apps don't work well ( GasBuddy for example ) on the reduced data speed. One other downside, which I'm willling to live with at this point is that MMS is not a functioning feature. I've done a fair amount of research and it appears it may be an AT&T issue. Net 10 says it should work (without guaranteeing it), Apple says it may be proprietary to AT&T since it was originally their phone.

Recently, I lost complete service for some unknown reason and it was a process getting to the bottom of it. Frankly, not sure that we did anything to fix it. I was convinced I needed to update the software first and was on my way to a faster wifi to do that when the service came back on on it's own. In the mean time, we (tech support and myself) erased the APN settings, therefore even though I had service again, I was still unable to use data. I knew that I needed to re-install the APN settings but the Net 10 website was misleading. After reaching them again and getting the proper website, I was able to install the APN profile and it's working fine again.

All in all, I found the 5 representatives I spoke to ( 2 dropped calls that was my fault ) genuinely interested in helping me. After the 3rd person lead me through the exact same step process, I realized they have to follow a screen script which was annoying. The Indian accent was sometimes a little difficult to understand, but not any worse than some of our own domestic accents when you are not accustom to it. Their specific knowledge was very limited, they are reading from a screen. For example, after telling one individual that I had no service, his question to me repeatedly was " how many bars shows on your phone". As you can tell, I am detailed and he didn't know how to process the information I was giving him, he had to stay on script and couldn't think outside that. Again, he was genuinely interested in being polite, and getting my issue resolved, just didn't have the knowledge and experience to know how to navigate without going through their process.

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