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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I need my voicemail set up with a standard greeting for phone number before I lose it and dig up Sam Walton. Ive tried several times and Im done with it. Now do it.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in the hospital for 34 days. During that time, I had NO cellphone serviced. I erroeously deleted my business NET10 number Your recorings sa the numbr is not in use. IS here anyway I can retrieve that number? If so, I will remain a NET10 customer. Otherwise I'm gone on May 7, 2014.

Posted by Ellen

My phone purchased from net10 broke two months after purchase. I called net10 and a replacement phone was to be sent so that I could put my SIM card in and keep my telephone number which I had had for several years (having transferred it to net10 from AT & T). When the new phone arrived, there was a SIM card with it and I called CS at net10 to inquire as to what procedure I should follow....switch SIM card as prev. instructed before I sent back broken phone or put in new SIM?. Was told my old phone number had been deactivated and I would have to obtain a new telephone number to activate this phone. That meant all the data on the old SIM was lost, including voice mail from my recently deceased sister and text messages from her which I had purposely kept, making certain I cleared off others quickly to leave room for these last contacts with her. I had more than 400 minutes left on that phone and several service days when it was deactivated. I complained bitterly. Those confused folks transferred minutes to my husband's net10 phone and deactivated his phone plan....why? No one at net10 can explain why. I have lost two weeks of phone usage and permanently lost my telephone number of more than 9 years. CS is really a huge misnomer......there is no service or resolution for the customer.

Posted by Anonymous

I need tach support I've been trying to get ahold of someone to help me I'm very disappointed in this service i was a straight talk customer but I heard alot of good things about net ten so I switched now I wish I didnt

Posted by tired of not having a phone

help me please!!! this is Lawrence Braman im having trouble with no response from customer service ive been trying to get a refund for 1 bring your own phone sim kit and 1 airtime card from net10 ive been trying to get my phone turned on its been at least 4 to six weeks and still cant get phone turned on still not done so I would like to get a refund so I can go some where else everybody else gives a quick start up yesterday I sent in a complaint still haven't heard back so please help me so I can get my phone turned on I don't want to threaten with anything I just want my phone turned on please help me!!!! L.B.

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Net10 customer service news

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After the first wave of activations were determined to be problematic and subsequent attempts forced the need for constant customer support, it was decided to pull the customer facing system completely offline for further development. However, those ...

Net10 Cuts Off My Access, Won't Pick Up The Phone

Everything was working fantastically until I discovered that I couldn't send picture messages. Having some experience fixing tech stuff, I decided to Google the problem. I found some settings to change on the phone. Nothing worked. I called tech support.

The Ups and Downs of Burner Phones- Net10: Reception Good, Customer Service Bad

After a wait of thirty minutes, the customer service agent told me to take it back to the store: it was their fault. So I did, only to have the lady at the customer service desk of the grocery store declare that they could not issue a refund for phone ...

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